Retractable Felicia Awning open creating shade on a hot sunny day

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The Importance of Finishing Touches

The importance of getting the finishing touches right for your home cannot be emphasised enough, especially when it is a new build.  Although the choice of products for any homes finish, whether it's a new or existing home can be the difference between a stunning outcome and a finish that is just ok.

This is a great example of a stunning home that has been enhanced by the installation of awnings, which not only a welcome shady reprieve on a sunny day, but also finish off the outdoor areas beautifully.

HomePlus Southland worked with the homeowners to fit these gorgeous Felicia awnings, which were colour matched  to the homes light and bright finish. When they homeowners aren't using the Felicia awning it is retracted into a headbox which is built into the awning structure, for minimal visual impact that helps it to blend into the homes finish.    

Felicia Awnings Shown in Use and Stored in Their Cassette

Felicia Retractable Awning in use at a Queenstown home

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