Drop Down Screens

For increased privacy and greater weather protection 

Adding optional drop down screens to your louvre roof design, gives you protection from breezes and privacy from nearby neighbours. Modern outdoor screen fabrics are designed to lessen the affects of the wind, let in light without blocking the view. Semi-translucent fabric allow you to see through lowered drop down screens from the inside, but block out prying eyes from the outside.  

Side tracks are fitted onto the support legs / beams which encapsulate the edges of drop down screens; this holds the screens firmly in place and also helps guide the screen for effortless opening and closure.

ResizedImage300156 Drop Down screen wind sensorOptional wind sensors are available that detect potentially damaging winds and automatically roll the drop down screens away.   Like the louvre roof, the motorised operation of the drop down screens is programmed into the one remote control.  

Specialist fabrics that are designed for sun and heat resistance are used for these outdoor screens and come in a choice of modern, popular colours shown below.  

Solar View Off White

Drop down screens can be opened seperately to the exact place you want

Each drop down screen can be individually controlled from one remote

Freestanding Bask louvre roof with matching drop down screen for privacy and wind protection

Drop down screens give you privacy from neighbours and protection from annoying wind

Louvre Roof drop down awnings are ideal for wind protection

Drop down screens on HomePlus louvre roofs offer additional wind protection which these seaside homeowners appreciate

Drop down screens give privacy and wind protection and are semi translucent

Semi translucent screen fabric means your view is not completely blocked

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