Cicero™ - Next Generation Retractable Screen Doors 

The latest in European insect screen design is now available in New Zealand, in time for the summer season.  Cicero combines the best of the Venette Pleated Screen "caterpillar" track system and advancements in retractable screen technology, resulting in a modern, robust and easy to use screen to keep out annoying insects. 

User friendly features:

  • Slow rewinding function when door is being opened or closed
  • Effortless to use, opens with the lightest of pushes
  • Smooth gliding actionCicero Retractable Insect Screen Detail with small 5mm bottom guide and caterpillar like tracks
  • Integrated handles 
  • Full length magnetic latching 
  • Inconspicuous 5mm bottom guide, so there is nothing to trip or step over

Cicero screens use a flat, slimline black mesh, which is semi-transparent so your view is uninterrupted when the screen is in use.  And like the best of modern insect screens, the track system retracts into the side frame when the door is not being used for a truly low-profile, unobtrusive finish. 

Powder coated in a colour of your choice, usually to match the door joinery, Cicero screens really are an inconspicuous modern solution to the age old problem of keeping annoying bugs out of your home.  No wonder this style of screen is the leading screen sold in the European market.

Cicero Two Panel Retractable Screen Door opened up to let the air in but not the bugs

Cicero Two Panel Retractable Screen Door - let the air in but not the bugs

Cicero Retractable Single Panel Insect Screen being opened by Mum to let their child in

Cicero is easy to use and the low bottom guide means there is nothing to trip or step over

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