Transforming Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating Gorgeous Outdoor Living Spaces from Previously Unusable AreasOnce you have lived in a house through changing seasons,...

2 June 2021 by Author

Edge® Americas Cup Connections

Much like the incredible yachts of the 36th America's Cup, the Edge® balustrading system is adaptable and versatile.

26 May 2021 by Author

Glaslide® Glass Sliding Doors are the perfect finish

Glaslide® Glass Sliding Doors can be the keystone for your outdoor entertainment area.

29 April 2021 by Author

Feb-Mar Balustrade Promo Winners announced

Congratulations to Amy and her partner; the winners of the HomePlus 2021 Balustrade system promotion.

22 April 2021 by Author

What makes the Supascreen security screen stand out?

Keeping your home secure and safe is an age-old concern, whether you’re a renter, homeowner, single occupant, or...

5 March 2021 by Author

What goes into designing a balustrade?

What do you see when you sit down with your morning coffee on a quiet summer morning? Native...

23 February 2021 by Author

Fencing for any architecture

What Makes a Timeless Fence? HomePlus has a wide range of fencing options from classic pool fencing to Architectural...

15 February 2021 by Author

5 reasons why you won’t regret a professionally installed wardrobe!

Designing a wardrobe makes life easy and adds valueWhether you have a spacious walk-in wardrobe or one behind...

10 December 2020 by Author

Louvre Roofs Designed Specifically for New Zealand

Our country has a history of number 8 wire innovation.

27 November 2020 by Author

7 reasons to choose an Aluminium fence

Aluminium fences are a great way to finish a propertyIt should go without saying, that the vast majority...

20 November 2020 by Author