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Louvre Roofs Designed Specifically for New Zealand

27 November 2020 by Steve Huish

Our country has a history of number 8 wire innovation. That history has developed into a fully-fledged industry of Kiwi-made products. If it can be designed in NZ, for our unique island, why would we want something designed and made for people living on a large continent halfway around the world?

After all, New Zealand is a country of extreme weather changes and fronts that come from the large bodies of water all around us. “Four seasons in one day” is both a common phrase and the song title of one of our most successful bands after all.

Our Louvre Roof systems are exactly what you would expect to find coming out of an innovative nation like ours, and are engineered specifically for NZ conditions, and meet the most stringent of building code requirements.

Here are some key features that make our systems great for NZ conditions:

End Pivot Design: There are two main ways of setting up the louvres on a roof design. One is the center pivot; This is where the louvre rotates around its’ center point, with the louvre blade even on either side of the rotating pivot pin. The second, which the HomePlus Louvre Roof system uses, is end pivot design; whereby the pivot pin is installed along one edge of the louvre.

There is a critical benefit to using the end pivot design; with the point of rotation on one edge, it means the system can be designed to sit incredibly close to the rest of the Louvre roof structure. Well, we Kiwis like to cook our BBQs even if it’s raining and windy don’t, we?

The whole point of a louvre roof system is to keep us dry when it’s raining, and with the end pivot, it means there are NO gaps between your closed louvres and the frame gutter. No water splash, no wind whipping up underneath. Just a dry entertainment area.

The perfect overlap: It’s the details that matter. That perfectly cooked woodfire pizza is something for friends to marvel over. Helping keep you dry while you cook it, is a unique louvre shape that interlocks when closed. Accurate engineering and installation by our professionals make sure that the louvres close smoothly and with very tight tolerances.

A big picture system: We take a lot into account when designing your louvre roof system; the louvres are angled to help drain water away to the internally hidden leg drains, the speed that the louvres rotate is designed to prevent water splashing through and we’ll design the system around the aspect of the sun to give you maximum benefit when opening the louvres.

We understand that your outdoor entertainment area is an important part of the home. It’s part of Kiwi culture and we’ll be outside wearing shorts and jandals until we can no longer feel our toes in the evening. A Louvre Roof system allows you to make the most of our outdoor area and spend even more months of the year enjoying the freedom and fresh air.

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Steve Huish

Steve Huish has an education in industrial design, has worked a few years on the tools, and has numerous years of experience marketing in the construction and home improvement industries. Steve is passionate about telling the stories of kiwi businesses.
You can contact Steve by calling 09 478 8018 or emailing [email protected]

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