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HomePlus Outdoor Louvre Roof Systems are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Add a Louvre Roof to your outdoor entertainment area for all-year outdoor living. Integrated, wall-mounted or freestanding Louvre Roofs expertly combine the traditional New Zealand veranda or gazebo concept with a modern opening louvred roof for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space.

Create an alfresco lifestyle in your home that you have only dreamed about by taking full advantage of your outdoor living space.

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Transform your Outdoor Living Space 

Design a unique outdoor room and expand on your indoor, outdoor flow with a HomePlus Louvre Roof System.

Our team of specialists can help you through the entire custom design and installation process. We have answered a few frequently asked questions below, but talk to our team to help transform your outdoor entertainment area.

Louvre Roof

Can I get a colour that matches my home's colour scheme?

With a choice of 43 standard colours and access to many more colours, most of our aluminium products can be finished in a colour that essentially matches a house's joinery, cladding, or roof colour.  Check with your dealer who will be able to help with colour options.

Do I need consent for a HomePlus Louvre Roof?

Always check with your local authority to confirm whether a consent is required. Every council has different rules for building jobs, but under schedule 1 of the Building Act, a porch or veranda structure up to 20m2 is allowed to be fitted without consent.  For larger structures, or where the work may affect the water tightness or structure of your existing building, consent may be required.

Can a louvre roof attach directly to my house?

Yes, but some are easier than others. If your home has large windows in the outdoor area there are often large lintels (wooden beams) above them that we can fasten onto.  With weatherboard and sheet cladding structures we can fasten into the studs (vertical timber supports), but a brick home sometimes requires your louvre roof to be supported off the roof structure.  Your HomePlus installer should discuss the implications of this with you, as additional roof areas can affect the structure as can fixings to the buildings' weather-tight envelope.  

Can I customise the louvre roof to a suit my house?

Yes, all HomePlus louvre roofs are fully customised to your requirements.

Can I have it in more than one colour?

Yes, if you want the louvres and frame in different colours we can do that.  This can help to incorporate it into existing building elements and materials.

Can we add drop down blinds or LED lighting later?

Yes, but it is more efficient to do this when placing your initial order, so we can manufacture them into the product.  If this is done later then we have to deconstruct large areas of the louvre roof, which results in high additional costs.  Adding them at the start is the best option, saving you money in the long run.
But, if it's not in the budget to do that initially, but you are likely to do it later, then let your dealer know as fittings can be incorporated in the initial manufacturing, which will greatly help when you fit the drop-down blinds or LED lighting later.

Is the HomePlus Outdoor Living System ok in areas that snow?

Yes, when developing the product we carried out rigorous testing to ensure that the product could withstand snow.

Where does the water from the HomePlus Louvre Roof drain to?

When you order your louvre roof we will ask you (if it’s a wall or freestanding series) which legs would you like the downpipes fitted in.  These will not be visible, but the rain from the roof will drain into these and through the outlet at the bottom.  Usually, the downpipe is fitted to the support leg that is closest to the stormwater drain, for direct connection.

Can I capture the water and use it later?

Yes, you can connect the downpipes into a water tank and store it for later use.  One advantage of the HomePlus Louvre Roof System is the powder-coated aluminium finish, which requires very little maintenance to keep it clean of lichen and animal faeces.  Meaning the water harvested is relatively clean compared to some roof coverings, but not fit for human consumption without some form of water treatment. 

What do wind and rain sensors do?

They can open close the louvre roof when it’s raining and pull up the drop-down screens when the wind speed is too high. You can talk to your local HomePlus dealer about the options and settings that are right for you. 

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