Three Point Locks

Three point locks offer extra security for security doors, with the three locks anchoring the door at the top, middle, and bottom of the door. These locks are optional on all hinged security doors.

Pet Proof Mesh

A specialist mesh made from strong heavy-duty polyester, to resist damage from cats and dogs but still provide excellent outward visibility. Pet Proof mesh is optional on HomePlus security door and window screens.

Pet Doors

For ultimate convenience, you may also want to consider installing a pet access door. Made from UV stabilized plastic with a hinged magnetic closing mechanism, pet access doors are available for all the HomePlus Security doors - and are the ideal way to give your pet complete freedom to move in and out of your home, while the security door is in use. Available in black, our pet access doors come in three sizes - small 240mm high x 190mm wide; medium 305mm high x 225mm wide; large 400mm high x 260mm wide.

Caretaker Function

The patented Caretaker one-way locking function, allows a door to be snib locked from the outside, (but not unlocked) by a Caretaker key. This enables occupants to unlock the door by simply operating the inside snib lever (without the need for a key). The door can then be opened by pushing down on the unlatching lever.

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