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Mesh Infill Options for Insect Screens & Amplimesh Security Grille

HomePlus insect screens are designed to keep bugs and flying pests out of living spaces. HomePlus provide architecturally designed Screen products which come with hard-wearing vinyl-coated quality polyester mesh (for  Venette’s pleated mesh) as standard.

Certain Insect Screen and the Amplimesh security grille are available with various other mesh choices to cater to different needs.

  • Midge Mesh: With finer and smaller mesh this is designed to keep out smaller bugs
  • Pet-Resistant Mesh:  Heavy-duty, durable Mesh resistant to most household pets
  • Look Out™ Mesh. One-way viewing for enhanced privacy one-way. See out without people seeing in 

Our insect screens are available for both windows and doors offering various types including fully retractable, hinged, sliding, and easy-to-use magnetic window screens. The Amplimesh Security Grille comes with an insect screen as a standard with multiple mesh options to exemplify the best in security and bug protection.

  • Standard Mesh made from tough vinyl-coated polyester yarn. Stronger and more flexible than fibreglass
  • Midge Mesh, finer and with much smaller openings to keep smaller insects out of the home 
  • Pet Resistant Screen Mesh is a heavier and more durable option on selected Insect Screen Window/Doors & Amplimesh Security Grille. Resistant to tears & damage caused by most pets
  • Look Out™ One Way Vision Mesh is an option on certain screen doors & Amplimesh Security Grille. With the correct light viewing permitted from inside, but restricted view from outside.
  • Hard-wearing, durable & easy to clean
  • Made from top-quality materials

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