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Deauville™ Retractable Awnings

A traditional folding arm awning for outdoor comfort

Retractable awnings are a well known and popular option for shade in outdoor areas. The HomePlus Deauville™ awning is ideal for NZ's changeable climatic conditions, offering full protection from the hot summer sun and keeping you dry during unexpected passing light rainfall. Custom made from high-quality European products, Deauville™ Retractable awnings are not only an attractive solution for shading your outdoor area, they are manufactured to last the distance.  

You can choose when you want to use your Deauville™ awning and how far to wish to open it out, additionally, an optional wind sensor can be set to automatically retract the awning in windy conditions.

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Deauville™ Retractable Awnings are:

  • Retractable awning arms can be set to open or close as much as required 
  • Factory set spring-loaded arms evenly tension the fabric cover and absorb movement in windy conditions
  • Awning fabrics protect you from the sun but allow filtered light and air through
  • Wide range of 40 attractive, mildew & UV resistant 100% Acrylic Fabrics
  • Manual operation standard (with removable crank handle) or by an electric motor (optional)
  • Remote wireless controls available
  • Optional Wind Sensor available
  • Custom made 
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty


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