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Curved Shower Screens

For contemporary flair in your bathroom 

Modern, elegant styling and roominess ensures the Circa® Curved Corner Sliding Screen delivers a luxurious opulence for your bathroom. The curved shower base and sliding curved glass screen can be combined with either tiled or acrylic walls to enhance the appearance of any bathroom.

Wide access in and out of the shower is possible by sliding back the frameless curved central panel, which easily glides back, closing to form a waterproof seal. The curved sliding panel design makes for a drip-free bathroom floor when opening.

Fittings are cleverly concealed with no obtrusive exterior fastenings, apart from a modern chrome handle, to detract from the clean, semi-frameless appearance. Clips at the bottom of the curved central panel allow it to swing inwards for ease of cleaning.

Smooth curves allow maximum utilisation of available space while also ensuring practical showering, making Circa® the ideal shower screen for smaller bathrooms and ensuites.


  • The curved screen offers maximum use of available space
  • 5-year warranty (2 years for shower installation)
  • Semi-frameless glass door with polished chrome handle
  • Standard Colours - Sterling and White  
  • Fully rounded with no hard corners

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