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Handrails - standalone or incorporated with balustrades

Handrails are required on stairs to keep people safe and aid them when they are going up or down the stairway. Additionally, since 2016 most frameless glass balustrades require a top rail or handrail to be included with the finished barrier.  Get a free measure and quote now on a good range of handrail styles, which can be included as part of a balustrade solution or as a standalone handrail.  

Manufactured from high-quality architectural aluminium, all HomePlus handrails conform to NZ Building Code Standard residential requirements and can be finished in the same powder coat colour as the balustrade system or the home's decor.   

Frameless toughened glass balustrades use a special slim style top rail (38mm x 30mm), which fits directly to the top of the glass and connects together to form a continuous rail.  A range of connector accessories are also available for angles and joins, so the top rail has a smooth, continuous look helping it to blend into the overall finished look. 

Modern semi-frameless glass balustrades can be fitted with a continuous interlinking rail on the top edge of the glass, or via a handrail bracket fixed to the face of the balustrade posts (fitted 100mm below the glass edge).

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  • Wide range of handrails available for different balustrade systems
  • Conforms to NZ Building Code regulations (residential)
  • Can be incorporated into finished balustrade or as standalone handrail 
  • Specially developed interlinking rails available for frameless glass balustrades
  • 5 Year Warranty

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