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Louvrelite Window Surround System

Add visual depth and interest to any modern architecture.

The Louvrelite® Window Surround is a non-structural exterior cladding system that is designed to surround windows, creating unique designs, visual interest, and design depth. 

Ideal for medium and high-density housing where complex structural design isn't always feasible and adding non-structural design features is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a visually compelling building. 

Not limited to higher density housing however, the Louvrelite® Window Surround System is custom built to your architectural specifications and can be coloured to suit the design of your home, or stand out to add some flair.

  • The system is custom made in New Zealand to fit project requirements
  • Hidden fixings maintain a premium design aesthetic
  • Powder coated to match or contrast building design

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Add depth to your architectural design by breaking up otherwise flat visual planes. 

Decorative Aluminium features are incredibly durable. Coloured with a high-quality powder coat to the colour of your choice; create a visual feature or blend in with the colour of your building. 

The Louvrelite® Window Surround is non-structural and doesn't interfere with a building's waterproof membranes or cladding.

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