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Showerdome is an acrylic dome fitted to the top of your shower, which eliminates condensation normally created when showering. So how does it work? Showerdomes create a barrier, which stops the cool air in the bathroom from mixing with the warm moist air in the shower cabinet, so condensation doesn't form. This means no more wet walls and ceilings, mold, or mildew and your mirror stays clear.

Size options

Showerdome can be fitted on most home showers, covering a range of showers from a small square to large rectangular styles, along with three-sided triangular cabinets with straight or curved doors.


  • Warmer, drier bathroom and a healthier home
  • Energy savings result from a warmer shower cubicle enable you to turn down the water temperature 
  • Typical water temperature reduction of 10 to 15%, even in winter
  • 5-year warranty (2 years for shower installation)
  • Further energy savings are gained from not requiring extractor fans, heat lamps, heated mirrors, or dehumidifiers

Contact your HomePlus store for more details on this simple and effective way to give you a drier, healthier bathroom.

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