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6 tips to help design your small bathroom

15 October 2020 by Steve Huish

We've put together some important tips to consider when designing a small bathroom

There is a lot that needs to go into a modern bathroom design; storage, towel racks, somewhere to hang fresh clothes, and to throw the used items. On top of the essential shower/bath and basin, a bathroom can quickly become cluttered. However even in the smallest of bathroom spaces, good design and good product choices can make a world of difference, and HomePlus has you covered.

  1. Do you go shower or bath? While a lot of people enjoy a good soak, when space is of the essence, a shower can use less floor space and in turn, make sure there is enough room to move comfortably. Essential when the family are all trying to get ready for a busy day.
  2. Use a Frameless Glass Shower Screen. Utilise products and materials that don’t encroach on the space, such as frameless glass. A Frameless glass shower helps connect the bathroom floor space and shower space making for a more spacious, relaxed environment. Frameless showers also don’t inhibit any light coming into the bathroom from the windows and if you design your bathroom with bright, vibrant colours, the space will feel inviting and comfortable. Frameless glass is the perfect choice for a bathroom designed with wall and floor tiles.
  3. Sliding Doors or a Bi-Fold shower screen are essential when you don’t have the room to swing a door open. Not only that, but they are the most elegant way to finish off your shower enclosure design.
  4. Space aside, frameless glass is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Perfect for everyone’s busy lifestyle.
  5. Be smart with your choice of a mirror. Every bathroom will have a mirror, and they are perfect for providing the appearance of space. Choosing a custom semi-framed or framed mirror that hides the wall mountings keeps your design clean, and sleek, and means that you can pick a mirror size that can make the most of your wall.
  6. The best way to utilise space in a small bathroom is to custom-design what you need. This is where the HomePlus specialists come in. They can provide expert advice for your bathroom renovation and expert installation to create a unique, functional, and stylish shower for a space of any size.

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