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Louvrelite® Architectural Aluminium: Add Design Interest and Solar Control to the Home

Architectural aluminium fixtures are used in the design and construction of many modern buildings.


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11th December 2023 New Legislation. BPIR and HomePlus.

On 11th December 2023, the building industry witnessed a pivotal moment with the implementation of new regulations, reshaping...

21 December 2023 by Author

Embrace the Season: Transform Your Home for Summer with HomePlus

Louvre Roof WhakataneSummer is around the corner and as the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, there's...

16 November 2023 by Author

Expert Advice for Your Frameless Glass Shower

HomePlus® has been providing shower hardware inspiration for over 50 years and is passionate about the design, manufacture,...

9 October 2023 by Author

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a popular home improvement option that provides several benefits throughout the year, particularly in the...

9 October 2023 by Author

HomePlus Comprehensive Support for Homeowners, Specifiers, and Builders


Louvre Roof InstallationAt HomePlus, we understand the importance of providing data and expert support to assist our customers...

1 August 2023 by Author

Security & Insect Screens - All In One

A multi-functional front door screen has really enhanced this family's summer living.

29 May 2023 by Author

Multi-Use Rooms

Modern home designs increasingly have to incorporate functionality and multiple uses for every room in the home.

24 May 2023 by Author

How To Choose Balustrades & Handrails For Your Stairs

At the most basic level stairs are a functional way to connect different levels of a property.

22 May 2023 by Author

Bug Free Summers - With Stylish Fly Screens

Although we’re all shivering in the winter weather, it turns out this is actually the best time to...

16 May 2023 by Author

4 Popular Questions About Insect Screens

It is time to banish those annoying bugs once and for all! These days there is a choice...

15 May 2023 by Author

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