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4 Popular Questions About Insect Screens

15 May 2023 by Dan Rawling

It is time to banish those annoying bugs once and for all! These days there is a choice of many great screen systems, which offer a range of features and benefits that will accommodate your home and lifestyle. To help you out with questions you may have, we have enlisted the help of our HomePlus experts in insect screens to come up with their top 4.
Once installed can the insect screen be removed?
Being able to access the window for cleaning and removal for winter storage is a very important consideration. Most of our systems are easily removed such as our Magnetic and Aluminium framed screens. Other options such as Venette, Cicero and Valentia are fully retractable and the Genius range fully retracts into a stylish cassette.
Will they be an eyesore or stick out on my windows?
It is usually a pleasant surprise to find out how unobtrusive modern insect screens are in our installer's experience. Whether it is to do with how far they retract away from view, or simply how visually difficult they are to see, our insect screens easily blend into a home's aesthetic, especially where appropriate powder coated to match existing joinery.
What is the cost and what is the most durable screen?
We have multiple choices that offer various features and benefits, that can suit all budgets. The cost depends on the system of choice, along with the size required and other variable factors. Some customers have a set idea of the value offered by particular systems, and as an example assume that a magnetic screen could be cheap and cheerful. But with new technology and ongoing improvements in the product have made our magnetic screen another reliable and good quality option. 
What system would best suit my home?
Generally speaking, the area of the home has a massive influence on which screen system is best suited to the situation, alongside customer personal preference and budget of course.
Some common examples of this are:
  • Ranch slider doors. Sliding screen doors are suited for large doors as they run parallel with the door track, rather than opening or closing (on a hinge) into a space. Modern retractable screens are also popular as they offer advantages such as semi-translucent mesh, slim line storage cassettes and no centre rails to block views etc.
  • Windows. Retractable insect screens make very popular window options, as they are an attractive, high-quality system, which is easy to use and rolls away into a discrete cassette for storage. For hard-to-reach places, such as kitchen and bathroom windows, a sliding insect screen can be considered as a good option. 
  • Entry doors. Hinged screen doors are the most popular product choice, as they are the easiest to use in conjunction with entry doors. Retractable screens are also very popular especially desirable for their modern slim-line finish.
Ultimately though the best advice we can suggest is to engage with an experienced installer prior to making any decisions. With decades of nationwide knowledge and coverage, HomePlus is an expert. For more help on what best suits your home and lifestyle, you can enquire here to arrange a quote or call your local HomePlus expert for advice on 0800 466 375.


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