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Expert Advice for Your Frameless Glass Shower

Check out this expert advice and see why frameless showers are taking over bathroom designs.

So you are thinking about different shower options and are wondering whether a frameless glass shower is a good idea.  Well we’ve spoken to an expert on bathroom improvement, to get the best advice and information to pass onto you.

With over 20 years’ experience creating beautiful bathrooms, Nick Curry from HomePlus Hawkes Bay has seen massive changes in bathroom design, with an increased focus on more minimalist finishes.  Along with an explosion in product choice, Nick has seen this previously utilitarian room become a key feature in modern homes.

This minimalist design aesthetic has naturally lead to customers looking for products with a less-is-more finish, such as frameless showers.   Without the aluminium framing and excessive hardware, frameless showers have a clean unencumbered finish, letting the showers blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.  Nick reiterated this, “Frameless glass shower panels have clean, smooth lines and customers comment on them being classier, with less clutter.”

Frameless glass shower door fitted to a fully tiled 3 sided shower areaModern frameless showers are just what the name says – a shower without a frame, made using toughened 10mm safety glass panels that are fixed in place using a slim 10mm x 18mm aluminium trim.  Shower panels and doors are fitted with high quality, strong chrome polished hinges and a choice of gorgeous handles which complete the ‘wow’ factor.  As well as their sleek finish, they have the added benefit of opening up the shower area with more light and space.   

Nick can also attest that frameless showers are the easiest shower option to keep clean, with no frames and fixings getting in the way of clear glass panels.  It doesn’t take long for users to get used to grabbing a water squeegee at the end of their shower and giving the panels a quick wipe to get it looking sparkling clean. As Nick pointed out “Compared to having to clean mould and dirt off water seals on shower doors, frameless screens only need a regular quick wipe to keep them looking good and everyone prefers that”. 

Changes in bathroom design and product improvements have seen the popularity of tiles as both a floor and wall covering explode.  Tiles are porous and their use in wet areas is possible because of reliable, modern, waterproofing membrane systems which seal the area, eliminating the need for shower liners or floor trays.  Frameless showers are a very popular choice for these tiled areas, however Nick always makes sure that customers understand that they are a barrier to shower spray, but are not a completely waterproof solution. 

The frameless finish eliminates bulky framing and water seals for a sleek finish, but a natural gap occurs between the shower door and adjoining panels, for hinge operation which must be considered. However, frameless showers can have virtually no water leakage if good design principles are followed, such as directional sloping of the floor towards the drain hole, well-thought out sizing and placement of the shower door away from the water spray direction and silicone on edge to edge glass screen joins.  Nick also advices his customers to fit the aluminium shower trim directly to the waterproof membrane, as he says “This ensures that water can’t flow out of the shower enclosure under the tiles”. 

Frameless shower owners, such as Nick himself, will quickly tell you that not having to put up with cleaning shower frames or seals makes it one of the best bathroom upgrades you can make.  So whether you are after a fully enclosed shower or just a shower screen, HomePlus can custom design to your size and specifications.  Find out more here....

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