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Expert Advice for Your Frameless Glass Shower

9 October 2023 by Dan Rawling

HomePlus® has been providing shower hardware inspiration for over 50 years and is passionate about the design, manufacture, and installation of frameless glass showers and hardware.

Nick Curry, owner of HomePlus Hawkes Bay, boasts an extensive background spanning decades in creating custom bathrooms. Over the years, he has borne witness to a transformation in bathroom design, marked notably by a shift towards a more minimalist aesthetic. Coinciding with this evolution, there has been a proliferation of choices in bathroom products. Nick observes that what was once a utilitarian space has now become a pivotal centrepiece in contemporary homes. The rising popularity of minimalist design has sparked a growing interest among customers in products that embrace a "less-is-more" aesthetic, and frameless showers are a perfect embodiment of this trend. By eliminating the need for bulky aluminum framing and excessive hardware, frameless showers offer a sleek and uncluttered finish, seamlessly integrating into their surroundings. Nick underscored this point, stating, "Frameless glass shower panels have clean, smooth lines and customers comment on them being classier, with less clutter.”

Contemporary frameless showers are precisely as the name suggests – showers without the encumbrance of frames. These showers are crafted from robust safety glass panels, securely held in place by slender aluminium channels or trim. The shower panels and doors have multiple options of high-quality robust hinges that along with the, channel and array of handles, knobs and pulls are available in large choice of standard colour tones or even powder coated to the colour desired. The choice and colours available enables an extra touch of elegance and individuality.

As well as being sleek and stylish a frameless shower has the added advantages of enhancing the shower area with more light and sense of spaciousness. Nick adds that frameless showers are the most user-friendly shower option when it comes to maintenance. With no frames or fixtures obstructing the clear glass panels, users quickly adapt to the habit of grabbing a water squeegee after their shower to effortlessly restore the panels to a sparkling clean state. "Compared to dealing with the arduous task of cleaning mould and dirt off water seals on traditional shower doors, frameless screens only require a simple, regular wipe to keep them looking their best, and everyone prefers that."

The evolution of bathroom design and advancements in product technology have led to an explosion in the popularity of tiles as both a flooring and wall covering choice. While porous, their utilisation in wet areas is made possible by dependable, modern waterproofing membrane systems that effectively seal the area, rendering shower liners or floor trays unnecessary. Frameless showers have become a popular option for these tiled spaces. However, Nick takes care to clarify to customers that they function as a barrier to shower spray but are not an entirely waterproof solution. The frameless finish eliminates the need for bulky framing and water seals, resulting in a seamless look. Yet, there is a natural gap between the shower door and the adjoining panels to allow for hinge operation, which necessitates careful consideration. However, by adhering to sound design principles such as sloping the floor towards the drain hole, strategic placement of the shower door away from the direction of water spray, and applying silicone to the edge-to-edge glass screen joints, frameless showers can be virtually leak-free. Nick recommends customers affix the aluminium shower trim directly to the waterproof membrane, “This ensures that water can’t flow out of the shower enclosure under the tiles”. 

Frameless shower owners will readily attest that the absence of the odious need to clean shower frames or seals makes for one of the most gratifying bathroom upgrades anyone can make. So, whether you seek a fully enclosed shower or a shower screen, HomePlus can expertly tailor the design to your specific size and requirements.

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