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Louvrelite® Architectural Aluminium: Add Design Interest and Solar Control to the Home

4 April 2024 by Dan Rawling

Architectural aluminium fixtures are used in the design and construction of many modern buildings. HomePlus® custom designs and manufactures a wide range of Architectural aluminium fixtures that are available, in different styles, systems, colours, sizes and configurations. Our product range includes window surrounds, gable sun and solar control shade systems through to sliding aluminium Louvrelite® shutters.

Whether utilised for shade, security, privacy, or architectural design (or all the above) they are ideal options for both residential and commercial properties and will fit seamlessly with any creative architecture.

Louvrelite Window Surround

Louvrelite® window surrounds can be effortlessly integrated into a building to envelop windows. Representing a cost-effective, non-structural way to make a standout and visually compelling aesthetic that will bring a building unique design, visual interest, and architectural depth. Custom-built and able to be colour powder coated to complement or contrast with a building's façade, they can either seamlessly “blend in” or serve as eye-catching accents with geometric patterns, play with light and shadow, or introduce dynamic textures. Constructed from high-quality aluminium, these surrounds offer exceptional durability, and weather resistance to ensure longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

Louvrelite® Gable Sun Shade is a practical fixed louvre system for a medium/large building gable that receives intense sunlight. Coming in Entry Foyer and Balcony configurations this is designed to shade outdoor areas, whilst letting in light and breeze

Louvrelite® Solar Control which comes in a range of sizes is a passive design feature that can have louvre angle and spacing adjusted for the optimal position when installed, to enable maximum light in winter and minimal in summer without ongoing adjustments.

Louvrelite 88 Aluminium Panels

The Louvrelite® 88 Series Sliding Shade System represents a versatile aluminium slat or louvre system that will effortlessly manage sunlight, shade, and privacy, or add detail to the architecture of a building. The louvres or slats are set into panels that can be fixed or that slide along a runner, enabling an area to be opened or closed and protected from the elements. The sliding shades can be positioned to allow in just the right amount of light entering a space enabling the creation of the ambience to suit most occasions. While as a privacy screen, they provide an additional layer of privacy and protection against unwanted attention. Manufactured in NZ from high-quality aluminium, Louvrelite 88 screens are stylish, hardwearing, and easy to operate and while a great option for use in outdoor rooms, they will also add architectural interest to a building and are appropriate for use in both residential and commercial settings.

  • The systems are custom-made in New Zealand to fit requirements.
  • Hidden fixings maintain a premium design aesthetic.
  • Available powder coated to the colour of choice.
  • Lightweight and simple to install.
  • Compliant with NZ building codes B1, B2 and F2.
  • Manufactured in durable and hard-wearing aluminium.
  • Low maintenance
  • Gable Sun and Window Surround Specifiable as exterior building products with a PS1.
  • Integrated into the architecture of a building.
  • Available for a range of applications; residential, light commercial buildings, and larger commercial projects.
  • Non-structural
  • Adds visual depth and design interest to architectural designs.

These products have been used in the market and have been used successfully on multiple projects and individual homes around NZ and are proven options that balance the initial cost of installation, with minimal ongoing maintenance, and sustainability, all while potentially adding to resale value with improved street appeal and interest without complicated/complex and expensive architectural design.

The perfect blend of design flexibility, visual appeal, durability, and sustainability, the HomePlus® Louvrelite® range empowers homeowners, architects, and developers to create captivating spaces that resonate with modern sensibilities.

Louvrelite 88 Aluminium Panels

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