Venette pleated mesh retractable fly screens

Posted on 20/08/2019 by Joanna Wellwood

Bug Free Summers - With Stylish Fly Screens

Although we’re all shivering in the winter weather, it turns out this is actually the best time to plan for a more enjoyable summer.

Recently I spent some time with a Waikato couple who have already planned for a better summer, fitting fly screens at their place during winter. They both commented they couldn’t wait to enjoy a bug free summer with fresh air flowing, after having to close up the house last summer to keep out pesky insects. Having moved from Taupo to a Waikato lifestyle block for their retirement, they were surprised at how many more bugs and flies were around in the warmer climes North of Taupo and were faced with working out a suitable screening solution for their new home.

For their first summer they fitted a retractable pleated insect screen on their well-used back door and they quickly realised the benefits of being able to leave the door open for fresh air, without the annoying bugs making their way inside.  So when it came to choosing a screen for the kitchen servery window, beside the back door, it made perfect sense to pick a matching pleated mesh. 

Venette Horizontal Window Screens for NZ Kitchen by HomePlusTheir timing was perfect as HomePlus had just introduced a specialist screen which can be opened from either side (left or right of the centre), especially for these popular wider servery windows.  Now they have an ideal screen that can be easily pushed aside to pass plates and food through the windows and then easily closed again to beat the bugs.

But still, they didn’t know what to do about screens for the front sliding doors which can be accessed from the nearby road.  They especially want the air flow from the front to the back of the house, but have hesitated up till now because of security concerns.  Once again HomePlus gave them an ideal solution, fitting Clearguard security door screens which double as insect screens and let the air flow freely whilst locking out any unwanted visitors.  This is a very popular screening solution with customers as not only does it secure their home, but also offers natural pest control keeping flies and insects outside.

Bring on summer is their motto now.  Find out more about the best screens for your place.

HomePlus Clearguard Security Screen and Fly Screen combination is ideal for summer

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