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Bug Free Summers - With Stylish Fly Screens

16 May 2023 by Dan Rawling

Many of us are starting to feel the change in season and are beginning to shiver as it is starting to get cooler. It may come then as a surprise that this time of year is the perfect time to start thinking about installing insect screens for your home and enjoy a bug-free home this Summer. As soon as it starts to get warmer and flying bugs start appearing in greater numbers, typically our stores find that they are inundated with customer enquiries for insect screens. All of our insect screens are custom manufactured in New Zealand as every home is different, and as a result, don't come as an off-the-shelf product. This does mean that there is always a lead time while they are made to your specification. 
This combined with greater demand will mean that for a few weeks of the period that the insect screens are desperately wanted, a customer won't has the benefit of the screens. Looking at arranging insect screens outside of the time that most customers order these will mean not only that you will be ahead of the demand curve, but screens will also be installed and ready to go for the entire time that is needed, with no delay. 
A case study in point would be from an installation in the Waikato, by a couple who have already planned for a better summer, and fitted fly screens at their place last winter. They both commented they couldn’t wait to enjoy a" bug-free summer with fresh air flowing", after having had to close up the house the previous summer to keep out annoying insects. Having moved to a Waikato lifestyle block for their retirement, they were surprised at how many more bugs and flies were around in the warmer climate North of their previous home in Taupo and were faced with working out a suitable screening solution for their new home. For their first summer, they had fitted a retractable pleated insect screen on their well-used back door and they quickly appreciated the benefits of being able to leave the door open for fresh air, while keeping annoying bugs out of the home. So when it came to choosing a screen for the kitchen servery window, beside the back door, it made perfect sense to pick a matching Venette pleated mesh

This horizontal screen can be opened from either side (left or right of the centre) and can be retracted in full on either side of the window, perfect for a wider servery-style window. The result was an ideal screen that can be easily pushed aside to pass plates and food through the windows and then easily closed again to beat the bugs. The property also needed screens for the front sliding doors which can be accessed from the nearby road, and they wanted to introduce airflow from the front to the back of the house but were unsure what type of screen to use because of security concerns. HomePlus gave them an ideal solution by fitting a Clearguard security door screen. This is a very popular screening solution with customers as not only does it secure their home it comes with a built-in insect screen, and offers natural pest control keeping flies and insects outside.

It may feel like a while away but this property is ready immediately for seasonal bugs and the owners' decision to arrange installation before has been completely vindicated.

Enquire with HomePlus directly to find out more about the best screens for you.

Clearguard Security Screen at Night
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