Louvre Roofs Integrated In Pergolas

A lot of thought went into this family house and the result is a welcoming, beautiful home with...

12 September 2019 by Author

Is this the Perfect Outdoor Living Area?

After a year-long renovation, the homeowners are thrilled with the finished makeover on their family home and are...

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Balustrades - Before & After

This home was purchased based on the stunning views over Lake Taupo and Mt Ruapehu as a backdrop.

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Organising Your Wardrobe - We Are Here To Help

Break down the organisation of your Wardrobe into four easy steps

Clean our your wardrobe
Decide how you want to...

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Getting Your Dream Wardrobe Doors – How?

So, how do you go about translating your great ideas for wardrobe doors to stylish finished doors?  You...

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Tinted Balustrade Glass Shields Suns Glare

After 20 years of living in the original home, these homeowners built a brand new home to better...

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Keeping Younger Kids & Pets Safe

Children under 5 move incredibly quickly, especially if you look away for a few seconds, so what can...

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Summer Comfort – Keeping The Bugs Out

Retiring to this beautiful new home in Nelson has been a great move for these homeowners.

13 February 2018 by Author

Creating Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow with a Louvre Roof

A truly amazing outdoor area has a seamless indoor-outdoor flow and looks like a natural extension of the...

18 January 2018 by Author

Magnetic Insect Screens - Modern Bug Protection

Spring weather is temperamental, but one thing that can be counted on is the arrival of annoying bugs.

25 October 2017 by Author