Magnetic insect screen easy grip handle for easy opening

Magnetic Insect Screens - Modern Bug Protection

Spring weather is temperamental, but one thing that can be counted on is the arrival of annoying bugs. 

Delight in finally being able to open your windows can be quickly followed by annoyance when buzzing bugs want to come in as well.

Magnetic Insect Screens are a popular seasonal solution for keeping bugs at bay, particularly as a modern alternative to fixed insect screens. These flexible and unobtrusive screens are fitted with high quality, discreet magnetic strips which enable quick and easy fitting to the window joinery.

Easy grip handles have been specially designed to make the lifting the lightweight screens even easier, so anyone in the household, including children and the elderly can easily remove screens to open or close their windows.   Their user friendly nature and easy removal is especially appreciated when screens need cleaning or storing away at the end of summer.  

Decorative cover strips and handles are available in a wide range of popular colours such as Ironsand and New Demin Blue, meaning screens complement existing window joinery and virtually blend into the background.  Custom made in NZ, these high quality magnetic screens are manufactured to provide many years of service and are backed by a 5 year warranty.  Find out more...

HomePlus magnetic insect screens are easy to open or close

HomePlus Magnetic Insect Screens Are Easy to Open and Close

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