Edgetec Infinty Balustrade in Arctic White colour to match previous balustrade

Posted on 11/04/2019 by Joanna Wellwood

Balustrades - Before & After

Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrade was the ideal balustrade for matching the previous system and keeping the view unobstructuredThis home was purchased based on the stunning views over Lake Taupo and Mt Ruapehu as a backdrop. But major renovation was required to get this beautiful home back into shape, focusing especially on the outdoor living areas to take advantage of those captivating views. 

Although the home had some original deck areas that overlooked the lakeside, a large outdated conservatory closed up much of the best space, not only blocking the view but also access from the main living areas. 

Top priority was removing the conservatory before extending the deck areas, to create more usable and inviting outdoor living spaces.  With a glass balustrade already in place on the original decks, they envisaged a simple match with the existing system for current and ongoing deck renovations.  Unfortunately for them, not only was the balustrade no longer available, it was also non-compliant with current balustrade regulations.  Thus they were suddenly faced with finding an alternative balustrade system that had to match the current balustrade as closely as possible.

Balustrade from before non compliant system

This Original Balustrade Style No Longer Available For Their Renovation

  Working with the Andrew from HomePlus Taupo they found an ideal replica, the Edgetec Infinity frameless glass balustrade with a similar continuous channel look.  However, since the original balustrade was installed updates to the balustrade regulations mean that most glass balustrades now require a safety rail to be fitted to the top of glass panels.  However, the homeowners didn’t want a rail obstructing their stunning view so Andrew advised them to fit a special laminated Glass (SentryGlas) which doesn’t require a top rail.  Powder coating in the same Arctic White colour as the original balustrade was ideal for replicating the old and new balustrades and getting the most cohesive overall look as possible.

Modern balustrades have many advantages over older systems and this was really highlighted when the installers came to removing the original balustrade.  This older balustrade was permanently cemented in place meaning removing the glass panels and fittings in one piece was impossible.  So the installers had to start by breaking out the toughened glass panels, which gave them access the balustrade fixings that were also removed with a lot of hard work to break them apart. 

In comparison, installation of modern Edgetec Infinity balustrade is straightforward with fixings screwed or bolted in place and easily accessed by simply unclipping the covers.  Internal clamps that hold the glass panels in place are hidden by the channel cover, which is a continuous and stylish finish.  The customers are absolutely delighted with their balustrades and know that they don’t have any more worries when it comes to the balustrade installation for the next stage of deck renovations in the near future. Edgetec Infinity Balustrade replacing outdated glass balustrade on home renovation

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