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Getting Your Dream Wardrobe Doors – How?

18 September 2018 by Default Admin

So, how do you go about translating your great ideas for wardrobe doors to stylish finished doors?  You get advice from a wardrobe door specialist, their experience can help make your ideas an impressive reality.  Here’s some tips and tricks I managed to glean from some of the most experienced HomePlus wardrobe door designers, to share with you.

Start by thinking about:

  • What do you need from the door? Better use of space, better access, ease of use, robust quality?
  • What do you want it to look like? Do you prefer it to match the room décor or the door frames, should it be a contemporary finish or more of a traditional look?

Then it’s a matter of working out which type of wardrobe doors will work best at your place, based on the features and finishes you prefer. 

By far the most popular door infill is a plasterboard or light board insert, painted to match the rooms décor or in a neutral colour to blend in with the frames.  Additionally mirror panels are popular for main bedroom doors, offering a full length mirror that does not need to be hung on the wall.

HomePlus wardrobe doors are fitted with a bottom rolling carriages which are operated on a fixed bottom track and backed up by top guide tracks.  The most popular HomePlus wardrobe doors are the 800 and 4200 series, as they offer a stylish finished look and high quality frames which are strong, reliable and good looking through many, many years of use. 

800 series doors are a more traditional style, with a rounded frame finish and small, built in, almost fin like handles for easy door operation. 
4200 series door have a slimmer frame finish with a built in, grooved handle, narrower bottom tracks and an option for mid rails to be added to the design. 


4200 Series Doors in a Classroom - Stylish & Practical

350 Series wardrobe doors are an option for customer looking for a broader, flatter frame finish, or for more mid rail and infill options.  Additionally, by only fitting a top roller, which eliminates the need for bottom tracks, 350 series doors make a great internal dividing door. They are particularly popular in modern homes for their minimalist finish and more infill and mid rail options.  The generous 350 series frames are also ideal for oversized designs that are higher and/or wider than standard doors, with heavy duty roller carriages easily accommodating the heavier door.   

Here’s a great tip:

Better Access is the secret to a better organised wardrobe. 
Why? Because when it’s easier to retrieve and store things in a wardrobe, you will use it more.

Having a standard 2 metre high door does not limit you to standard access though, as long as your door opening is at least 2000mm you can ask for a triple door configuration.  Why? Because three doors give you access to 66% of the wardrobe cavity, whereas double doors gives you access to 50% of the wardrobe.  Triple doors are slightly narrower, stacking behind each other when you slide them open on the triple tracks, which open up better access to the wardrobe area.  This is especially useful for accessing the top part of the wardrobe if you have bulky items to store.

Please note: Triple door configurations are not recommended on anything less than a 2000mm opening, as doors can begin to be to narrow and look out of proportion.

Or you can think about extending your wardrobe door height above the standard 2 metres, perhaps up to the height of the ceiling, which is especially useful for homes with an oversize 2.7metre stud height.  As part of renovations or new builds, some customers choose to extend their wardrobe opening to fit larger doors, up  to 2.4 metres high which look fabulous. 

Ultimately the choice of door comes down to your personal preference, taking into account practical requirements of course.  Whether it’s a more traditional or contemporary look, HomePlus can custom make a wardrobe door to suit the most customers’ tastes and requirements.

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