Interior doors top hung top rolling mechanism are ideal room dividers

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Multiuse Rooms

Modern home designs increasingly have to incorporate functionality and multiple uses for each room in the home.  Many new home builds have customers asking for designs that incorporate future demands for their family, including consideration for including inter-generational living.  Converting rooms from one use to another is enhanced with clever building design, whether it’s a new build or a renovation. 

These multiple use rooms are often referred to as ‘flex rooms' and are especially popular for dividing off areas of the home so they function separately from the rest of the house.  Which covers the needs of guests, teenagers, or elderly relatives for some independence and privacy within the family home.   

Sliding interior doors are an ideal option for dividing rooms, especially as they can be easily rolled into place whether you want to shut the room up or combine the rooms.  Top hung internal sliding doors are the best option for dividing rooms, as the sliding mechanism they use is fitted above the doorway so a bottom rail is not needed.  Eliminating the bottom track takes away any concern of being a tripping hazard, or fixing the track to carpet etc. 

Series 350 are popular with customers for their interior door needs, especially as they offer a stylish and  modern finish with a range of infill options such as glass, glossy or satin melamine colours.  Frosted glass doors are a quite a popular option for HomePlus customers, for the privacy they offer whilst still allowing the light into the room.  i Custom made doors have the versatility to work with the individual home design, for requirements from simple minimalist doors through to heavy structured panel designs.  

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