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Louvre Roofs: Enclosure Options to Open and Close Up your Outdoor Space.

6 March 2023 by Dan Rawling

 Wall fixed Louvre Roof

The addition of an opening louvre roof to an outdoor living area is a great way to enhance the look and functionality of a property. The versatility of a louvre roof rests on its ability to allow light and fresh air in or to protect from inclement weather. A modern outdoor living area is one that will co-exist and complement a traditional living space. This space can be made even more usable and appealing through the addition of protection to the open sides of the space to enclose or shut off parts of it for greater flexibility. A space that is able to be open or closed according to the elements functionally provides a larger property and enables year-round usage whatever the weather. HomePlus has a number of options to use in conjunction with a louvre roof.

Louvrelite 88 Sliding Shade System

Our Aluminium Sliding shade system Louvrelite 88, is an excellent and durable outdoor product. Constructed in lightweight, but strong aluminium with a powder coat finish that ensures a low-maintenance and hard-wearing solution. Adjustable slats or louvres, with customised spacing, can be set into panels, that slide along a runner to provide the flexibility and control of privacy and light as it enables the area to be opened or protected, depending on the situation for privacy and weather protection. Powder coated in New Zealand in a choice of modern colours, Louvrelite 88 screens have been designed to maximise the use of an outdoor area while adding style, colour, and visual interest.

Glaslide® Glass Sliding doors represent a glass panel sliding door system which will add a handsome and majestic finish to any area. Specifically designed to be used across the wide range of wind zones within New Zealand Glaslide comes in a selection of track, door configurations and glass overlap. Sliding smoothly on a bottom track the doors contain a magnetic pick-up latch system that locks the doors strongly in place. The toe-operated catch facilitates the doors to slide past each other and to be stacked when pulled to one side. Powder-coated aluminium fittings to the colour of choice and designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Glaslide is good-looking and durable. The additional protection it offers from snow, wind, and rain makes this a quality system that will enable the use of outdoor areas year-round.

Drop Down Awnings are a popular option for the outdoor area and are an excellent addition to any outdoor area offering multiple benefits including privacy from viewing, effective windbreaks and allowing adjustable shade from low or direct sunshine. If integrated into the actual legs and frame they are sleek and unobtrusive and will be sympathetic to the overall aspect of the outdoor area. Sidetracks fitted to the louvre roof legs guide the screen edges, keep the screen taut, and secure and will protect the screen from wind damage and tearing. Available in a variety of colours, modern, heat-resistant semi-transparent fabrics allow sunlight in and keep bad weather and wind out. Wind sensors that enable screens to roll up automatically in strong winds are available, as is motorization, which can be used with the same controller as the louvre roof.

The anecdotal feedback from many of our customers who have created these cohesive spaces that effectively blur the traditional separation of inside and outside is that these outdoor rooms tend to become one of the most popular and well-used areas of the property.

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