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5 reasons why you won’t regret a professionally installed wardrobe!

10 December 2020 by Steve Huish

Designing a wardrobe makes life easy and adds value

Whether you have a spacious walk-in wardrobe or one behind wardrobe doors, there are many benefits to having a new wardrobe system and getting help from professionals as well. We’ve put together five of the top reasons to get a wardrobe designed and installed.

  1. Likely, the reason you want a custom wardrobe system in the first place is; It will help keep your life tidy! If you currently have an old wardrobe, or no wardrobe at all, there’s a high chance you have clothing stored (or un-stored) all over the place. A new wardrobe is a perfect way to reorganize and rediscover those shirts that have been at the bottom of a pile since last summer. With HomePlus melamine or wireframe wardrobe organizers, you can hang the most important items, and keep your favourite t-shirts on an easy-to-reach shelf.
  2. Not only will you find items, but with a better set up wardrobe, you will be able to store more too! Our experienced wardrobe designers are adept at making the most of the space you have to maximize the amount of hanging space and wardrobe shelving installed. The guest room no longer has to be the second wardrobe! Sliding wardrobe doors are also a good option. Many existing wardrobes will have hinged doors that make access harder and wardrobe space less usable. New, custom-designed and sized sliding doors will help make the most of the space you have available.
  3. Adding a wardrobe system adds value to your bedroom immediately. While often not in plain sight, when someone walks into a bedroom a good wardrobe is always It’s an investment in the bedroom renovations that goes beyond a lick of paint.
  4. Pure and simple, a wardrobe is a finishing touch that adds class. It feels nice to have everything organized and tidy. Guests will notice when you give them a tour of your new home or renovations.
  5. Working with professionals and having them install your new wardrobe means you can focus on other things; finish off other renovations, relax in the garden, or keep working away (we’re all living busy lives after all). It also means that things will go together as they should and be fitted perfectly according to the design. You’ll end up with a stylish and highly functional wardrobe system, that has been custom-made for your home.

Talk to the experts at HomePlus now for more tips on how to make the most of your walk-in or reach-in wardrobe. Our team can provide all the advice you need and offer a free measure and quote to start your project.
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