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Why Choose Frameless Glass Balustrades

9 June 2021 by Steve Huish

Why you should choose a frameless glass balustrade system. 

One of our most stunning balustrade systems is one you can barely see. The Edgetec infinity® IS the balustrade of choice if you want uninterrupted views from your balcony, deck or stairway.

Despite being the least visible thanks to hidden fixings supporting sheer glass panes, the infinity® balustrade is an architectural statement in itself. Modern balustrades are put together under very strict criteria to meet New Zealand building standards, so to have a frameless glass is an engineering statement and a sign of architectural excellence.

From family beach homes with breathtaking views to modern apartments and townhouses, the infinity balustrade complements architecture at any scale and only accentuates your view.

One key is in our proprietary clamps that are hidden beneath a tidy anodised or powder-coated channel which means the glass doesn’t require any holes cut for attachment. The other is in the way the glass panels are laminated.

Choose from a range of interlinking rails with toughened, toughened laminated glass, or choose specially laminated SentryGlas™ that don’t require a top rail for a truly uninterrupted finish.

Why would Edgetec Infinity® get chosen for large projects?

Due to the simplicity of the design, the system is incredibly versatile and can be used in multiple locations as building design varies. Edgetec Infinity is also both incredibly durable and easy to clean due to its simplicity and only requiring normal household cleaning products, making it a great choice when there is a lot of balustrading to be installed.

Light is also a critical factor to consider. A frameless glass balustrade doesn’t block any light, something very important when you’re building among tall, tightly built apartments or high-density housing. Frameless glass maximises the amount of light let through to decks and living areas.

Why a HomePlus balustrade?

HomePlus has been manufacturing balustrades here in New Zealand for over 20 years. We have a nationwide network of expert fabricators who are skilled in jobs from the small, private beach getaway, up to large commercial apartment projects. Our team is here to help you find the right balustrade.

With a wide variety of options available; from handrails to powder coat colours, our team will be able to assist with the entire process, so that you can keep enjoying your view uninterrupted.

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