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Glaslide® Glass Sliding Doors are the perfect finish

29 April 2021 by Steve Huish

Glaslide® Glass Sliding Doors can be the keystone for your outdoor entertainment area.

This gorgeous property is located in Mt Maunganui. The clients went to HomePlus Tauranga with a specific vision of what they wanted. The outdoor entertainment area is the centrepiece of this home after all and they were doing the home up to immaculate condition so that they could sell and move overseas.

The addition of Glaslide® glass sliding doors has been the keystone for this outdoor area and a wonderful finishing touch.

All of our Glaslide™ sliding doors are custom-made, so when this client came to HomePlus Tauranga’s showroom with the idea of enclosing an existing pergola, the team were able to take measurements from the existing frame and design the glass doors to fit all three sides.

The home was also finished in sleek black detailing, and due to the custom-made nature of our products, HomePlus Tauranga was able to specify black powder-coated trim for the Glaslide™ doors to match the rest of the home.

When it came to installation, due to the diligent planning from the HomePlus team, it took only a couple of installers to put the Glaslide® doors in place and everything went incredibly smoothly. The HomePlus Tauranga installer Corbyn did an amazing job and the finished product speaks for itself, along with some very happy customers.

Despite being wonderfully sunny a lot of the time, even Mt Maunganui cools down and the Glaslide® addition to the outdoor entertainment area means that the entertainment doesn’t need to stop with the weather. You can create a cosy and inviting space, without losing the free outdoor feeling. Glaslide® is so easy to use, that when you’re ready to open up to the world again, the panels will smoothly slide out of the way, returning your pergola to its original open, breezy feel.

Despite Glaslide® being designed to seamlessly integrate with the HomePlus Louvre Roof, one major benefit of the system is that it can be fitted to a wide range of existing pergola structures, just talk to your nearest HomePlus specialists to see what the possibilities are.

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