Multiuse Rooms

Modern home designs increasingly have to incorporate functionality and multiple uses for each room in the home.

11 March 2020 by Author

What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing is when two panes of glass (separated by a layer of air), are used in a home's...

10 March 2020 by Author

Recycling champions, small changes have made a difference

HomePlus Nelson is part of the Richmond Glass group, which is run alongside the head office and glass...

13 February 2020 by Author

Guide to Choosing Your Ideal Fencing

So you are thinking about a fence at your place, but how do you make sure that you...

23 January 2020 by Author

Are Fitted Wardrobes Worth It?

If you are looking for a permanent solution, that finally sorts out any wardrobe and storage issues and...

21 November 2019 by Author

Pool Fencing for NZ Backyards

Summer swimming is ingrained in Kiwi culture which makes sense when you remember NZ is an island nation...

6 November 2019 by Author

Bathroom Renovation Trends

A Bathroom renovation is in the near future at my house and I just read an interesting article...

16 October 2019 by Author

The Importance of Finishing Touches

The importance of getting the finishing touches right for your home cannot be emphasised enough, especially when it...

16 October 2019 by Author

Louvre Roofs Integrated In Pergolas

A lot of thought went into this family house and the result is a welcoming, beautiful home with...

12 September 2019 by Author

Bug Free Summers - With Stylish Fly Screens

Although we’re all shivering in the winter weather, it turns out this is actually the best time to...

20 August 2019 by Author