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Insect Screens. Traditional, Retractable, Sliding or Magnetic? Which is the best option for my home?

10 May 2022 by Dan Rawling

HomePlus has a range of traditional, magnetic and retractable insect screens architecturally designed to keep unwanted bugs out of your home. Which is the best one for you?

Venette™ retractable pleated mesh screens offer the ultimate stylish solution and one that has multiple screening possibilities for your home. Semi-transparent, incredibly strong polyester mesh fitted on low-profile guide tracks that you won’t be tripping over. These robust screens can be custom made to fit single, double, bi-fold and sliding doors. Easy to use they glide smoothly without minimal effort and can be stopped in any position and magnetically latched shut.

Retractable Insect Screens: Italian designed screens that retract into an attractive aluminium cassette when not in use. Options for windows and doors the fine mesh allows fresh, cooling air in whilst keeping all of the nasties like mosquitos, flies and moths out. Fabricated using top-quality materials the non-combustible fibreglass mesh will not rot, rust, stain or shrink. Available in 2 sizes the aluminium components can be powder coated to a colour of your choice from the extensive Dulux range.

Cicero™ Flyscreen doors are another Italian designed option that uses a “caterpillar” track system in conjunction with a fine fibreglass mesh that is virtually see-through and UV resistant perfect for the harsh NZ sun. As a modern solution, the system retracts into a side frame for a low-profile finish. Coming powder coated to your choice of colours, the Cicero is one of the leading brands sold in Europe.

Magnetic Window Insect Screens remain the most cost-effective option for keeping your home free from insects and flies. They can be fitted to many existing windows which makes them an easy option to consider, use and install. No running tracks are required and the lightweight corners have been designed for easy lifting of the screen. The screen is durable charcoal coloured mesh woven from soft-touch glass yarn and coated in protective vinyl. Magnetic seals hold the screen in place and come in a range of colours to blend in with existing joinery

Insect Screens for Doors and Windows. From hinged or sliding insect screen doors and windows, there are a wide variety of options available from HomePlus, that can be custom-fitted to your home. Sliding options are lightweight but robust solutions that are fitted to a low-profile track that fits into existing joinery. For smooth opening and closing. Hinged screen doors offer a classic alternative that is easily installed to wood or aluminium joinery. Coming with a vision rail to avoid walking into the door, this can be customer powder coated along with the frame to match existing joinery. Insect screen windows are similar in type to the doors and are quickly installed to existing wood and aluminium joinery. These can be removed easily with an optional two-piece hinging system, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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