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13 October 2022 by Dan Rawling

We all care about making our homes as secure and safe as possible and having a handsome, strong, visual deterrent like the Amplimesh® Grille security screen at the entrance to a property is literally hard to surpass.

Amplimesh security grille windows and doors have been protecting Kiwi homes for over 50 years. One of the main reasons it has been the security choice for New Zealanders for this long is because of its proven ability and dependability in protecting the home from unwelcome guests. It is also adaptable and can be used in a variety of formats from hinged, sliding, French and stacker doors to all types of window styles.

The aluminium grille screens look what they are, strong. This creates a visual deterrent, not only does the screen look robust, but it is also a tough nut to try and crack. Amplimesh is recognised in the marketplace for its strength of materials, consisting of a heavy-duty frame and corner stakes that can be matched with three-point locks, located at the top, centre, and bottom on hinged security doors for example.

While the grille prevents the possibility of forced entry you don’t want open doors and windows presenting an enticing option for mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs to “break in.” A high-quality fibreglass insect screen is a standard feature with every Amplimesh door and window which means ventilation is maintained while at the same time enabling you to relax in the knowledge that your home is still secure. Crucially important during those hot sticky months when any sort of breeze through your home is desirable.

Not all security screens are created equal regarding offering the same level of performance and quality. It is important to note that the materials used in creating an Amplimesh screen are top quality, strong, durable and weather resistant and tested to Australian Standards AS5039-2008. Two styles of grilles are available the popular 103 grilles and the more ornate 125 types. Pet Resistant and Look-out One Way vision mesh is also an option and all screens come with a 5-year warranty. The grille and frame can be colour powder coated to match existing joinery from our extensive Dulux list of powder coat colours, enabling the screens to blend in seamlessly with your home décor and joinery. 

Contact your local HomePlus store to understand more about how adding an Amplimesh Security screen is one of the simplest and most cost-effective safety measures that you can make, that will also complement the look of the property and at the same time retain views, light and airflow.

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