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Why Would I Need a Security Screen?

31 March 2022 by Dan Rawling

We have been blessed so far with a seemingly never-ending summer. Long days of sunshine-filled hot days, followed by airless humid evenings. Any sort of breeze or increase in airflow that can be achieved, without losing any sense of safety for your home and family is paramount.  Letting only fresh air and sunlight in. Security screens will also help keep bugs and insects out.

HomePlus has a long history of producing strong, high-quality Security Screens. All of our security screen doors and windows are constructed out of the strongest materials and custom-designed to fit. Made right here in New Zealand they can be powder-coated to almost any colour you desire.

Clearguard® is the latest innovation in home security screens in NZ. With a perforated 1.6mm hardened aluminium screen, Clearguard is a modern alternative to a grille or mesh door. Practically see-through, yet tough and durable these screens will make you feel secure without losing your view or light or getting annoyed by bugs.

Amplimesh® grille screens provide an obvious visual show of security from potential unwanted guests. Recognised for their strength and durability these screens have been protecting homes in NZ for over 50 years. A high-quality fibreglass insect screen comes as standard with the grille to prevent flying pests from making an unwelcome entrance.

SupaScreen® utilises innovative design to combine maximum strength and security with unimpeded views. Made with marine-grade high-quality stainless steel mesh your property’s front door remains a welcoming and handsome entrance, combined with superior protection. When used on windows you are afforded clear views through the fine mesh and blend into the surroundings. Whether used on a window or door this is one of the toughest security/insect screens available and we are so confident about this product that there is an extended warranty of 7 years on all Clearguard products.

Visit HomePlus to view more information on our Security screens, including 2 other roller screen options with Knightguard® Roller grille for commercial and Intercept® Roller shutter a popular choice for residential security, and smaller commercial, marine, and cabinet applications. 

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