Awning Fabrics

Acrylic Woven Canvas

HomePlus Awnings use a 100% acrylic woven fibre canvas which is designed especially for outdoor use and the worst of NZ weather.  Available in a wide range of both bold and subtle patterns and colours, these modern fabrics suit NZ homes, whatever the style.   

Formulated to withstand wind, rain and pollution these awning fabrics are also colour durable, so they keep looking good for years.   These specialised fabrics are water repellent for moisture protection in light rain, whilst the translucency of fibres still allow filtered light and air through, no matter the weather.  The fabric used in HomePlus awnings have a sun smart protection rating of U.V. - U.P.F. 50+ / S.P.F. 100, making them the perfect choice for protection from NZ's harsh Ultraviolet rays.

To view the range of awning fabric colour and pattern choices, contact your nearest HomePlus consultant who will be happy to help you.


Only top quality 0.75mm Ultraclear PVC is used for HomePlus Drop Down Awnings (Bannette).  Formulated to be flame resistant and long lasting, you can be reassured that your clear drop down awnings from HomePlus are built to last. 

Solarview & Aspect 

Solarview & Aspect Atmosphere are specialist outdoor fabrics which allow relatively unrestricted view through the screen from the inside and privacy from the outside.

They are especially recommended for the Solarzip awning, as they are a high quality external screen fabric made of 30% polyester / 70% PVC fabric, that are durable and help to control heat and light in the harsh NZ climate. 

Aspect Atmosphere and Solarview fabrics each have a range of modern colours to choose from as shown below. 

Aspect Solarzip fabric swatches

Solarview colours label

Awning Fabrics 2

An automated Felicia awning with a popular blue
striped canvas fabric

Awning Fabrics

The same awning in a solid yellow coloured

Solarzip with Solarview fabric

A Solarzip drop down awning (with encapsulated sides) in semi translucent Solarview fabric

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