Drop Down Awning

Year round shelter from the weather

Bannette™ Drop Down awnings are made in a clear PVC or high quality Acrylic awning fabrics and are ideal for commercial or deck settings where you want protection from the weather.  Drop Down awnings are very popular for wind protection at home and in cafes, increasing the use of outdoor areas no matter what the weather is doing.

This is a classic drop down awning that you know and love, with a high quality PVC fabric, so they are see through when protecting the user from the wind and rain.  Bannette drop down awnings are operated by a gearbox and crank handle and are custom made to the fit the area precisely.    

Additionally HomePlus offers a specialist exterior drop down awning with encapsulated side guides but this is only suitable for acrylic awning fabrics, with no option for PVC fabric.  Solarzip™ Drop Down Awnings are manufactured with a special high temperature welded zip that allows the fabric to be encapsulated within the guide at all times, providing limited movement when the wind gusts. 

Patented heavy duty PVC inserts act as movement absorbers, preventing the fabric from tearing within the track, unlike some less sophisticated systems.  All this adds up to stable and sturdy shelter from the wind and rain when you are outside. 

Solarzip™ Awnings are available with an optional headbox which stores the screen away neatly when not in use.

Solar View Off White

Clear Drop Down Awning edited 1

Bannette Drop Down Awning in Clear PVC, shelters the outdoor area at this popular cafe

Drop Down Awning June 2013 v2

Clear PVC Bannette Drop Down Awnings means the outdoor area is used year round

Cafe Drop Down Awning April 2009

A crisp, white Bannette Drop Down Awning is used to shelter from the wind at this home

Solarzip awning edited 1

Solarzip awnings on this outdoor area mean that it can be used in
all types of weather

Solarzip awning with headbox edited 1

Built into this Pergola, the Solarzip awning has a matching headbox for storing
the awning away

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