Edge® Balustrade 

A stylish balustrade for reliable safety on decks, balconies and stairs  

Balustrades are safety barriers designed to protect areas with falls 1+ metre above ground, which is most commonly decks, stairways or balconies.  For your balustrade needs, HomePlus recommends the popular Edge aluminium post balustrade, which comes in a variety of styles using glass or aluminium baluster infills.

Framed Aluminium Balustrade - Whether you are looking for a standard rail (baluster) look, a wider slat finish or the increasingly popular louvre look, Edge offers all the options.

  • BALUSTER - 17mm square rail, full height or split rail options
  • SLATS - 49mm, 60mm or 123mm wide, can be fitted vertically or horizontally
  • LOUVRES - 120mm wide (overlapped)
  • PERFORATED SCREEN - Hardened perforated aluminium sheets 
STECCA balustrade front mounted fin in black on townhouse

Edge Stecca (front mounted slat/fin style)

Aluminium Balustrade With Front Mounted Slat/Fin -  With increased demand for more architecturally styled 'feature' balustrades, Edge now offers the Stecca range - a front mounted slat/fin option for a modern vertical look.  A special connecting bracket allows the 49mm slats to be mounted on the front of the supporting rails, meaning Stecca offers a look outside of the traditional framed balustrade style.  

Fully Framed Glass Balustrade -  use 6mm thick toughened glass infill, framed with a top and bottom rail, in either a full height or split rail finish.  The top rail is fashioned from one of five styles of handrails - round, rectangular, slimline interlinking rail, aerofoil or double aerofoil, all finished in a powder coat colour matching the posts. 

Edge balustrade with laminated glass infill not requiring interlinking top rail

Edge semi-frameless glass balustrade 

Semi-frameless Glass Balustrade - A choice of 8mm or 10mm thick toughened safety glass is available to accommodate a choice of configurations, depending on what finished look you prefer.

8mm thick toughened glass balustrades are fitted with one of five handrail styles - round, rectangular, slimline interlinking, aerofoil or double aerofoil, without a bottom rail.

10mm glass balustrades have two options for fixing handrails, either top or front mounted. A specially developed 60mm x 15mm interlinking rail can be top mounted on the post caps, or front mounted on a handrail bracket, which is fixed to the face of the balustrade post. Additionally, all of the four standard handrail designs can be fitted on this bracket. 

13.2mm laminated, toughened glass which doesn't require a top rail (handrail) or bottom rail, offers a  semi-frameless finish fixed with posts only. 

All Edge balustrades are made and installed to fit your home's requirements, in a choice of modern colour finishes. HomePlus recommends Dulux powder coat finishes, either Dulux Duralloy with a 10 year surface warranty or Duratec with 20 year surface warranty, for long term durability and a great looking finish.

Edge balustrade with interlinking top rail on stairway
Features include:
  • Concealed face fixings
  • Custom made to suit most applications
  • Engineered and tested to comply with NZ Building Code
  • Installed throughout NZ for over 8 years
  • Compliant with pool fencing regulations  
  • Vast array of colour options
  • Stylish and elegant solution
  • Five standard handrail options  
  • Complies with NZS1170, NZS4223.3.2016 & NZBC Clause F9 & 162C of the Building Act
  • A 99mm clearance between balusters for safety
  • Suitable for installation on waterproof or floating decks (with Gutter Bracket)
  • Quality assured - only available from Authorised Edge® Installers
Suitable for:

Decks, Stairways, Balconies, Handrails, Pool Surrounds, Boundary Fences, Pool Gates, Stairway Gates.

Handrail Designs

HomePlus Edge Balustrade Handrails full range for web display

Interlinking rail in Silver Pearl powder coat finish used as handrail and top rail

Edge semi-frameless glass balustrade with interlinking top rail doubling as a handrail

Aluminium balustrades with a powder coat finish, are a more durable and hard wearing option than wooden balustrades and with minimal maintenance they will last for many, many years.  

Call the HomePlus expert nearest to you, for advise on a custom made balustrade solution. 

Semi Frameless with interlinking rail on top edge conforms to new NZS4223.3.2016 regulations for interlinking rail
Semi-frameless Glass With Interlinking Rail

10mm toughened glass infill, with an interlinking rail fitted to post caps



STECCA slat balustrade in satin black

Stecca Fin

Custom made Edge Stecca front mount fin balustrade

Edge Fully Framed Glass Balustrade Face Fixed on large deck
Framed Glass Balustrade 

8mm thick toughened glass (at full height), framed by an aluminium rail top and bottom

Edge fully framed glass balustrade with split rail finish
Framed Glass Balustrade with Split Rail

Toughened glass framed with a bottom and top rail - along with an intermediate rail (split rail)

Edge Laminate Glass balustrade no top rail required

Semi-Frameless Laminated Glass Balustrade 

Laminated glass, no need for bottom or top/handrail

LAMERRA Edge balustrade with perforated screen infill
Framed Aluminium Balustrade
Edge Lamerra, perforated aluminium screen balustrade
Edge Balustrade horizontal slat infill
Framed Aluminium Balustrade
60mm Horizontal Slat balustrade
Edge Landscape 04
Framed Glass Balustrade and Handrail

An Edge framed glass balustrade, with a round handrail that is continued on the stairs


Traditional Baluster Series
Baluster Balustrade

17mm square standard baluster, split rail and colour coated to match the deck 

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