Retrofit Double Glazing

For a warmer home in winter

Winterglaze Double Glazing is designed to reduce heat loss through inefficient single pane windows, which up till now, have been the traditional windows installed in NZ homes.  A single pane of glass quickly conducts precious warmth from inside your home, to the outside environment, which is a waste of energy and money.

How does Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing Work?

Double Glazing Concepts warmer in winterRetrofit double glazing units fit into a home's current windows, providing a double 'layer' of glass with a pocket of air (or special gas) sealed in between.  It is this separation between the panes that provides the insulation for the window, as seen by the diagram to the right.

Why choose Winterglaze for your Retrofit Double Glazing?

The Winterglaze system is only available through authorised Winterglaze dealers, who have the knowledge and expertise to advise and install the correct Retrofit configuration for your home.  Winterglaze Retrofit units are manufactured from high quality components, including the NZ manufactured Insulated Glass Units, which are vital to the quality of insulation offered. With a 5 year warranty and the backing of the nationwide HomePlus group, you can feel reassured that your double glazing needs will be expertly taken care of.

What are some of the advantages of Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing? 

Winterglaze retrofit glass table

  • Reducing heat loss - installation of standard IGU's (Insulating Glass Units) can decrease heat loss by between 47-54%, this can be dramatically improved by upgrading to a speciality gas instead of air in the sealed units, or special reflective glass products
  • Reduction of window condensation (when used together with adequate ventilation), Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing can noticeably reduce the amount of condensation on windows
  • Colour matched to existing joinery - by matching Winterglaze Retrofit units to current joinery the visual impact is virtually non-existent.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Corrosion resistant and available in a range of frame colours
  • Noise reduction - Winterglaze Retrofit doubling glazing can reduce noise by up to 25% and even more with upgraded IGU units.

Retrofit frame images before installation and after installation

Details of Winterglaze Retrofit Double Glazing showing the
single pane before installation and double pane after

Double glazed retrofit windows protect you from the cold so you dont need curtains etc

Winterglaze Double Glazing decreases the amount of cold air coming through
windows, great for windows where drapes or shutters can't be installed

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