Insect Screens For Doors or Windows

Choose from hinged or sliding insect screens 

Insect Screen Doors

With HomePlus Sliding or Hinged Insect Screen doors installed, you will finally be free, once and for all, from flies, mosquitoes and other nasty insects. 

Sliding Insect Screen Doors are an economical and lightweight screening solution which easily fits most sliding doors, with low depth tracks that fit neatly onto existing joinery. Manufactured with strong aluminium corners and non-visible nylon rollers, HomePlus sliding insect doors are sturdy and run smoothly when opening or closing.

Hinged Insect Screen Doors are classic, convenient and easily installed on either timber or aluminium joinery. Matching vision rails are standard on all insect screen doors and help to prevent people accidentally running into the door - particularly children. 

Powder coated aluminium frames are colour matched to your existing joinery, blending your insect door screen into your homes finish.

Insect Screen Windows

HomePlus Sliding or Hinged insect screens add distinction to any window and installation on existing window are quick, in a home or commercial environment.

Sliding Insect Screen Windows are effortless to open and close and can be simply removed if not required. Ideal for fitting to aluminium or timber joinery.

Hinged Insect Screen Windows can be removed easily with an optional two piece hinging system, making cleaning and winter storage straight forward.

Insect screen with front door half open edited 1

The vision rail pictured helps to protect  
children from running into the door

Insect screen Hinge

The optional two piece hinging system
means window screens are easy to remove

Insect roller track

Sliding insect screen doors are sturdy and 
run smoothly on their tracks

Slide Insect Door with newly positioned vision rail 2014

Powder coated to match the joinery, this sliding insect screen blends
into this homes finish

1 2 Open

Sliding insect screen windows are effortless to open and close
and can be simply removed if not needed

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