Venette™ Retractable Pleated Mesh Screens

Direct from Europe; HomePlus offers the next generation of screens to keep out flies & bugs

Venette™ Pleated Retractable door and window insect screens are a modern alternative to the traditional hinged or sliding insect screens, with lots of advantages over the traditional screens. One of the most popular features of the  Venette™ pleated retractable screens is their stylish, modern finish and semi-translucent mesh which keep the view clear.     

Screens are constructed using the very best Japanese manufactured polyester insect screen mesh, which is pleated and uses a series of high quality Kevlar™ cords to tension the screen, thus retaining its shape, even in windy conditions.  

Pleated Retractable Insect Screens for Doors

Venette™ Pleated Retractable door screens are very popular in NZ homes, offering a stylish and architectural insect screen solution.  Door screens are very easy to use, opening and closing with the gentlest of touches and the ability to be stopped in any position along the track. Guide tracks are installed flat to the floor on a 3mm high PVC strip, so there is no guide channel to trip or step over, which is ideal for situations where wheelchair access is required. 

Available in a variety of configurations, Venette™ Pleated Retractable door screens come easily screen openings up to 9.3 metres wide and 3 metres high, making them extremely versatile for screening modern stacking and sliding doors.  Custom made in New Zealand, in a wide range of powder coat colours and a choice of single, double or multi screen options. 

Venette Pleated Retractable Window Insect ScreenNEW! Pleated Retractable Insect Screens for Windows

HomePlus are pleased to introduce a new window insect screen option to the Venette™ Pleated Retractable screen range.  Using the same high quality pleated mesh as the Venette™ doors, the window screens open and close using side guides, which also help to keep the mesh in place. 

A matching bottom rail incorporates the easy to use handle, whilst nylon runners at each end of the rail maintain the smooth running of the screen.  Mohair seals fitted to the bottom rail, ensure the screen softly closes against the window sill when being used.   

Custom made to fit your windows and finished in a powder coat colour to match the joinery, Venette™ pleated window screens perfectly complement the pleated retractable screen doors in your home

Venette screen on large slider set

Venette™ Pleated Screens are custom made to fit doorways up to
9.3 metres wide, to accommodate multiple stacking doors


Venette Screen No Bottom Channels

The discrete 3mm track is installed flat to the ground, eliminating the
need for a track that can be tripped over 


Venette™ Pleated screens are ideal for
keeping out flies & bugs without ruining the view 

Venette screens are so easy to use even a child can open them

Easy to use, Venette™ screens glide smoothly with the touch of a finger

Venette Screen 1

Modern and stylish, Venette™ screens are
the ultimate in insect screening

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