Amplimesh Grille Security Screens

Visually Deterring Unwanted Guests

Proven and dependable, Amplimesh security grille doors and windows have been protecting Kiwi homes for over 50 years. 

Aluminium grille type doors and window screens provide a visual deterrent and effective protection from uninvited guests; Amplimesh is recognised in the marketplace for its strength of materials. The heavy duty frame and corner stakes can be matched with three point locks, located at the top, centre and bottom on hinged security doors.

Relax and open up your home 

Amplimesh custom made security doors and windows allow you to make the most of the warm weather by letting the breeze through your home – while still being secure, reducing the risk to you and your property. But open doors and windows can also make your home an enticing option for mosquitoes, flies and other bugs, so a high quality fibreglass insect screen is a standard feature on all Amplimesh grille doors & windows.  

Amplimesh Grille Amplimesh security grille styles 103 and 125
  • Tested to Australian Standards AS5039-2008 
  • Security grille is a visual deterrent
  • Fibreglass insect mesh standard on screens
  • Entry level security with additional features available
  • 5 year warranty
  • Wide range of frame & grille colours available
  • Suitable for hinged, sliding & French door systems and all types of windows

Two styles of grilles are available, the popular 103 grille or the more decorative 125 grille type.  All grilles and frames can be colour coated to match existing joinery, blending in with your home decor 

Avoid becoming another crime statistic and protect your home from unwelcome guests with Amplimesh security doors and windows, the security choice for New Zealanders for over 50 years.

Amplimesh Grille Window screen keeps this modern home safe and secure

Strong and secure, Amplimesh grille screens for
windows offer you peace of mind

Amplimesh Security Door comes standard with inscet screen mesh

Fibreglass insect screen mesh is included with all
Amplimesh grille security screens

Amplimesh grille doors are a visual deterent to criminals

Amplimesh grille security doors let you leave your
door open in warm weather

Amplimesh Grille Window protecting home owners on a modern home

Amplimesh Grille Windows are colour matched
to this modern home's decor

Amplimesh Grille on a sliding door to match the ranch slider

Sliding or hinged security doors - the choice is yours!

103 grille Amplimesh security doors

Amplimesh grille hinged security door 

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