SetWidth850 From the front deck the louvre roof can be opened or closed as needed

Including Opening Louvre Roofs in This Pergola - Creating A Perfect Outdoor Space

12 September 2019 by First

A lot of thought went into this family house and the result is a welcoming, beautiful home with an enviable outdoor living area. 

Based around the stunning beachside view, getting the outdoor living space right was an integral part of the design.  A permanent pergola was added to the deck design, alongside the kitchen and main living area for easy access to food and drink.  Including the automated opening louvre roofs were central to creating the most family friendly, multiuse outdoor area for year round living. 

Integrating two louvre roofs into the patio structure means anyone in the family can easily control their surroundings, closing the louvres if they need shelter from passing rain fall or the harsh summer sun, or opening the louvres if they need more light or want to increase the air flow. 

Fitted on the north facing deck, the louvre blades are fitted to open towards the sun (north) to maximise the control of light and shade options.  This is particularly welcome during summer when louvre blades can be angled to the north to create the ideal combination of restful shade and pleasant light, sheltered from the glaring sun. 

Powder coated in a colour to match the window and door joinery, the light colour also works as an ideal light reflector when the roof is closed.   This stunning louvre roof was designed, manufactured and installed by HomePlus Whakatane.

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