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4 Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Living Area

Summertime sees homeowners using outdoor areas as another living area or as an extension to their lounge.  So what can you can do to get the make your outdoor area even more inviting this summer?

Banner shot1 – Shade and protection from the NZ sun.  Ask any overseas visitor to NZ and they will tell you how fierce they found the NZ sun, so nothing is more inviting than a shaded area on a sunny day.  Therefore, adding shade to your outdoor area is the first improvement you should look at making.    A quick solution is to add a retractable awning which gives you instant shade at the touch of the button.  Having the awning out on a sunny day also helps to keep the inside of your home cooler by offering all day shade to adjoining areas.  

2 – Indoor / Outdoor flow. To encourage more outdoor living, aim to blur the line between where the indoor and outdoor areas begin and end.  Offering shelter and somewhere comfortable to sit outside as well as inside is one way to achieve this.  As is, using similar colours both inside and outside, helping to make the two areas into one extended space.


Pool fencing aluminium and glass panels

3 – Safety in your backyard.  Fencing helps to keep who you want inside your outdoor area and unwanted visitors out.  Pool fencing in particular needs to be safe, but that doesn’t mean it has to unstylish or detract from your overall look.  Glass panels are the ultimate in stylish pool fencing and are also very practical, whilst aluminium pool fencing finished in a colour that complements the home, is another great look.

4 - Add a solid structure. The ultimate in outdoor living is to add a solid structure, giving you year round protection from all sorts of weather.  Sheltered structures also mean you can add more permanent features like outdoor furniture or lighting, as they are protected from the worst of the weather.  Louvre roofs are the ultimate modern outdoor structure, with flexibility to open or close the roof as you like for enhanced outdoor living.  Integrated perfectly into the current home and deck area

By putting a plan to improve your outdoor area in action, you will be able relax and enjoy the outdoors even more this summer.

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