Alustore storage is perfect for this tiny second bedroom corner and wall

Posted on 21/11/2019 by Joanna Wellwood

Are Fitted Wardrobes Worth It?

If you are looking for a permanent solution, that finally sorts out any wardrobe and storage issues and lasts for many, many years, then yes, fitted wardrobes are worth it.Alustore wardrobe furniture stylish shelving and aluminium poles 

The greatest advantage of any fitted wardrobe is their customised layout, which is designed to make best use of the room available – even in tight or restricted spaces commonly found in bedrooms. Ultimately, it allows you to create wardrobe storage that is ideal for unique needs and lifestyle; I mean just imagine a bedroom that is no longer cluttered and has a wardrobe set up just for you?

Bespoke wardrobe units can be fitted floor to ceiling, with customised shelving and drawers fitted around all the rooms’ nooks and crannies. This not only maximises storage space, but has the added benefit of freeing up space elsewhere in the room.  And let’s not forget that fitted wardrobes are an attractive addition that adds modern styling to a room’s décor.

Although there is a cost in fitting built in wardrobes, it really isn’t very long before you reap the benefits.  You not only get to enjoy the excitement of a newly renovated space, but also the lifestyle improvements that come about from having organised storage space, quickly making it a good investment rather than a cost. 

When it comes to choosing a company for your fitted wardrobe, make sure they offer a good range of options for your specific storage needs.  Given that built in wardrobes are a long-lasting solution, it’s vital that you choose a system that will suit your needs and personal tastes for years to come.  Hiring a professional company to design and fit you bespoke wardrobes takes away any worries about picking the right storage solution, you can draw on their experience and advice to get the ideal future-proofed wardrobe. 
Do it once, do it right.  

Making best use of limited space in a retro Tiny House.

This home was built many decades ago when small houses were the norm, but these days are known as a Tiny House.  Extensive renovation of the home saw these homeowners carefully considering every addition to the house, for its ability to maximise space.  They have rose to the challenge with artistic and rustic touches that have added up to a functional and stylish home, which is welcoming from the moment you arrive.

Part of the revamp was adding wardrobe storage to the main and spare bedrooms, both of which have very limited space.  Wardrobe doors were definitely not an option because of the tight spacing, so they needed storage that was stylish enough to be on display, whilst still functional enough to satisfy their needs.

They went with the Alustore range, which has an architecturally designed aluminium framing system finished in a modern, satin silver colour and Melteca shelving in a light wood look finish.  Options in this range include a choice of 3 Melteca finishes – white, Nordic Ash or Dark Oak, drawers (fixed or movable) and shoe racks (wire or Melteca).

Given that the main bedroom has a large central window, the Alustore system was custom designed to fit around the curtains and rods, so every centimetre of space was utilised.  Alustore top shelving and architecturally styled fixing bracketsAs Alustore is a modular system, the HomePlus Wellington team (who designed and installed the system), connected the fitted wardrobe units with a continuous top shelf above the windows. Then one side of the window was devoted to shelving and the other side a mix of hanging rods and movable drawers, all whilst keeping the window clear. 

Built in wardrobe units for the spare room include a couple of permanent drawers, as well as shelving and hanging rods for a mixture of uses – seasonal clothing and shoe storage, as well as functional items such as printers etc. The challenge in this room was the narrow size, which needed to be left as clear as possible for spare beds bought out when guests came to visit.

It was a challenge, but as you can see from the photos an Alustore fitted wardrobe can turn even the tightest corner into a workable home for belongings. 

Alustore Main Bedroom shelves and removable drawers

If you are looking for interior options that consider your needs and lifestyle, then contact the experts from HomePlus who will be happy to help you make your dreams come to life. 

For more on Alustore and other built in wardrobe options click here.


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