SetWidth850 Bask Louvre Roof Multibay on elevated site and front deck

Bask Louvre Roofs Extend Outdoor Living

15 August 2017 by Joanna Wellwood

Situated on an elevated site overlooking Tauranga, this modern home has recently had a combination of Bask louvre roofs fitted, enhancing the outdoor living for everyone in the house.   

Stunning views of Mt Maunganui were always the focus of the house design, with particular emphasis on the front deck for the views.  However, they quickly found the heat of the afternoon sun on the deck meant they had to retreat inside, to get away from the beating sun.

As the homeowners run a homebased childcare service from the home, this became a real issue in summer, particularly not being able to utilise as much of their outdoor area as possible.   

Two louvre roofs were combined in a multi bay unit for weather protection on the large front deck. Multi bay Bask Louvre roofs have the added advantage of automated control over the opening and closing of the individual roofs, which sit side-by-side.   Users can then take advantage of the roofs flexibility to have the louvres open or closed at the exact angle they need, sheltering them against a range of weather conditions.  

Fitted just before summer, the deck became the most utilised area in the home with its shady protection on sunny days and dry shelter on rainy days.  This previously underutilised area became sought after by children and adults alike, as a secure and sheltered extension of the indoor area.

Combined with a smaller louvre roof on the front deck, which the homeowners use to enjoy the morning sun, the finished installations have improved the lifestyle of everyone who spends time at the house, year round.

Custom made for the homeowners, these louvre roofs were completed in a powder coat finish of the customer’s choice, with a combination of dark frames that match their homes joinery and blades in the lighter Titania colour for increased light when the roof louvres are closed. 

You can find out more about Bask louvre roofs here or check out these roofs in the latest Trends article 


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