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9 November 2020 by Steve Huish

Spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner.

Everyone is likely thinking about fair-weather plans and businesses are starting to ramp up their Summer promotions. With all the great weather, it’s hard to not head outside. Now is also the time to start cleaning up the garden and making plans for some improvements.

With the sun already beating down on us it might be time to invest in some shade for the outdoor area, there’s only so much heat we can take. A retractable awning is the perfect addition to your BBQ or outdoor lounging area. You get the benefit of choice; when you want sun, and when you want shade (also protection from those rain-showers that New Zealand weather likes to surprise us with).

But how do you choose an awning? How do you install it? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of everything you might want to know about setting up a brand-new retractable awning for the summer.

What type of awning do I need?

HomePlus carries a range of folding arm awnings. You can choose from simple roller designs to sleek cassette awnings, where the entire awning retracts nicely into a low-profile box. Our awnings can also be automated if you don’t feel like using a manual opening system.

We also have dropdown awnings for outdoor areas that already have a gazebo or pergola structure. A dropdown can be installed for shade or wind and rain protection and are a great, easy addition to make your outdoor area more versatile.

Do I need consent to install a retractable awning?

In general, retractable fabric awnings have the benefit of not requiring building. However, there are some cases where they might require building consent, so it’s best to consult with our experts and confirm with your local council before just throwing one up.

How does an awning attach to the home?

Depending on the model you choose, there are multiple ways to fit the awning into your home. Face mount (fascia) or fit to the soffit to keep it nice and tucked under cover when it’s stored away.

Get the classic roller look or a fully enclosed cassette that looks clean and tidy against your home. 

How durable is awning fabric?

HomePlus uses 100% Acrylic woven fibre canvas, which is designed for use outdoors in the harshest weather NZ has to offer. Rest assured that our fabrics will protect you from the sun with a sun smart protection rating of U.V. – U.P.F. 50+ / S.P.F. 100. Both the fabric and working parts of our awnings come with a 5-year product warranty, see our warranty details for more info.

What colours can I get?

Our awning fabric comes in a wide range of colours, from patterned to single colours. Our fabric is sourced right here in New Zealand from the best suppliers.

Our awning arms and parts are made of premium lightweight aluminium, powder-coated here in New Zealand as well, and there are almost unlimited colours to choose from. This means you can get the perfect colour to match your home.

Check out our range of awnings HERE

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