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Clearguard® Security you can't see

12 July 2021 by Steve Huish

When it’s hot and the weather is sweltering it’s almost a given that the front door will spend a lot of time open so that the fresh breeze can flow and help keep the house nice and cool.

But having your front door wide open has some drawbacks unless you have a screen to keep the inside and outside worlds separate. Security, bugs, and wandering children or pets are all great reasons to get a quality security door installed. Function overwhelmingly beats form when it comes to the majority of security screens, however, HomePlus has a range of security screens that you’ll hardly notice in your doorway.

Clearguard security doors are designed using a perforated sheet of hardened structural grade aluminium. With the holes are cut in such a way that you almost can’t see the screen, but also provides superior security from impacts and cuts. Tested to Australian standard AS5039 and A55041 (clause 7.2) Dynamic Impact Test, Clearguard can withstand just about anything.

The frame continues with a low profile design by utilizing a patented pressure process that eliminates the need for screws or rivets, and it’s the careful sizing and placement of holes that makes Clearguard ® so transparent despite only having an open surface area of 41%. Clearguard is the result of years of experience; HomePlus has been installing security doors for 50 years.

Clearguard® can also be installed in any window opening as a fixed, hinged or sliding frame. The security panels are lightweight and suitable for all environments.

Available in a range of colours, all our doors are powder-coated to order. Match your home, blend into the background or make a statement.

Talk to your local HomePlus specialist today and get a security door or window screen to match your home.

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Steve Huish

Steve Huish has an education in industrial design, has worked a few years on the tools, and has numerous years of experience marketing in the construction and home improvement industries. Steve is passionate about telling the stories of kiwi businesses.
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