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How is ClosetPro the icing on the cake

5 July 2021 by Steve

Wardrobes, by nature, are tucked away. Something only a few individuals in a household will get to use. Because of this, they are often overlooked as a “feature” of the home… But for those who have installed a custom-made wardrobe, they are a must-have part of the bedroom.

A wardrobe organiser is a great way to add value to your home and busy lifestyle, be it a reach-in or walk-in wardrobe.

So, what makes a good wardrobe?

It’s important to plan out your wardrobe and think about what you want to store; do you have a lot of shirts or dresses to hang, or are most of your items stored folded? Do you have a lot of shoes or accessories? Once you know what’s going to go into your wardrobe, you should have a better idea of what setup is needed, and this is where our wardrobe experts really come in handy. They have years of experience recommending setups for specific needs.

At the end of the day, a wardrobe is there to help you organize your life, take care of the clutter, and keep it out of the way so that the bedroom can stay a relaxing sanctuary. Hence, why it’s important to have a well thought out wardrobe so that your clothing doesn’t just spill back into the bedroom.

What makes ClosetPro so the cream of the crop?

ClosetPro is our premium wardrobe organiser system, custom made on our own CNC machine using high-quality melamine and PVC protected edges. The system can utilize hangers, drawers, mirrors and other handy storage tools, including secret storage compartments for those high value items. Melamine is a durable and great looking material that is very common around the home and the first choice when it comes to wardrobe design.

Offering almost endless options and configurations for a wardrobe space of any size; from tiny homes to spacious walk-ins. There are some standards when it comes to shelving, but still, plenty of options, coming in 300, 400, 500, 600, or 800mm widths. With the help of our expert wardrobe designers, you can create the wardrobe of your dreams from a variety of setup combinations.

From a tiny home, or hidden workstation, to a spacious room with all 4 walls decked out, ClosetPro is an incredibly versatile system. 

Nicely tucked away, ClosetPro helps organise your life and keep things orderly and out of sight and mind. A custom wardrobe organiser system is truly something that helps complete a home.

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Steve Huish has an education in industrial design, has worked a few years on the tools, and has numerous years of experience marketing in the construction and home improvement industries. Steve is passionate about telling the stories of kiwi businesses.
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