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Expert Help For Your New Wardrobe (Part 1)

The easiest way to get the exact product you want for your wardrobe update is to ask an expert for their help.  Luckily I was able to spend time with Robin from HomePlus Wardrobes who has been measuring, designing and organising wardrobe updates for over 15 years.  He was happy to help with some expert advice on getting the ideal wardrobe that you desire. 

Robin works with the customers in their home, so he is able to visually assess their wardrobe areas and work closely with them to establish what they really want for their dream wardrobe. 

Some clients already have their own ideas, with specific requirements, others prefer to be guided as to the best use of space and content, which is where Robin’s expertise really helps. Armed with his tablet for viewing the store website and a comprehensive folder of images and samples, he works with the customer to help them with designing an ideal wardrobe space. 

So what are the important questions?

1       Who will be using the wardrobe space?

If there are two adults, will they be sharing the space with separated areas or as one combined area?  This is important to assess how much of the limited wardrobe space will be needed for one or two people. 

2         How much space is needed for hanging clothes?

Next is working out how many of the clothes need to be stored on hangers and then which kind of hanging types are needed.  There are three different hanging lengths available – a long hang for coats and dresses, medium hang for trousers and longer jackets and short hang for shirts and blouses etc.  The short hanging area is able to fit under the medium hanging area, to fully utilise the empty space.    

3          What else do you want to add to your wardrobe organiser?

Once you work how much hanging space you need, you can then choose whether you want to add drawers, shelves or accessories/upgrades to the layout.  

If clients have a fairly standard wardrobe, Robin will often show them an image of the most popular wardrobe organiser layout - a ClosetPro solid melamine organiser, with a combination of long and short hanging rods, plus drawers in the middle.  Many clients realise this is the ideal system for them, providing a functional and well balanced design without having to stress over a lot of decision making.  

The ClosetPro melamine organiser is fixed to the wall to provide stability, with a 400mm space underneath that is popular for shoe storage using a shelf or shoe rack.  Other custom made options for shoe storage, such as pull out drawers can be included as towers or freestanding drawers in larger wardrobe areas.  These melamine wardrobe organisers are custom made in NZ from a high quality 18mm thick melamine, in a variety of colours and finishes, which are built to last for many years of use.     

Other options such as wire systems are also available, but for most clients the solid melamine wardrobe organisers are the ideal solution.

Robin also helped with advice on the ideal wardrobe doors and this article will be published as part two in the near future.ClosetPro White melamine organiser in most popular style on the left and in a large walk in wardrobe to the right

         L - The most popular ClosetPro configuration                R - ClosetPro in a large walk in wardrobe

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