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Guide to Choosing Your Ideal Fencing

23 January 2020 by HomePlus NZ

So you are thinking about a fence at your place, but how do you make sure that you have the best option for your unique needs? We've put together a guide to help you step through the decision process and make sure you get the ideal fence, gate or pool fence for your home.

What do you want your fence to achieve? This usually comes down to two choices:

  • Do you want a fence as a barrier against unwelcome visitors, but don't want to block the view?
  • Or do you prefer a solid fence, with complete privacy? 

A fence that allows you and others to see through it, ensures there is less chance of a potential burglar being able to hide from view, while at the same time allowing a connection with the landscape inside and outside of your fence. Privacy is important for many people and a solid, high fence will not only safely enclose a property, it also blocks it from unwelcome viewing.

Left. Solid panel fencing / Right. A see-through barrier fence

What style is your home? Do you want your fence to blend in or stand out?

So now you have an idea of what you want you require your fence to do, the next step is to assess your home's architecture, this will give you hints and guidance on the kind of fence design that will work with your style. Or just follow the straightforward suggestion that could help with your choice of "simple home, simple fence; ornate home, ornate fence.”

If you prefer your fence to complement your home’s style, you do not need to limit yourself to matching it or even imitating its décor. Instead, you can enhance the style of the home, by picking out features such as a colour or a product used which you continue in your fence design.   

Below is a great example of this, the fence louvres are powder coated in a colour similar to the copper guttering, while the rest of the fence matches the house's exterior cladding.

Or here the slat fencing follows the same contour as the cladding on this home

And here the fence panels complement the finish and the colour of the home’s joinery 

Or if you prefer, you can make a real statement by choosing contrasting colours or materials for your fence.  
These owners chose Architectural slats in contrasting colours for their statement fences

If you are still uncertain of your choice you can always ask the experts for some help. With decades of experience manufacturing and installing fencing, you can trust the team at HomePlus for assistance.

Or check out more great examples of fencing

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