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How To Organise Wardrobe Space

14 April 2023 by Dan Rawling

Remove the floordrobe and make for a more tranquil living experience with a well organised wardrobe. The ultimate time saver when you are rushing to get dressed, as clothes and accessories are not only clearly visible but also easy to retrieve, a bonus is also finding those items of clothing you have forgotten you own, as they are no longer hidden away in the chaos of an unorganised wardrobe. 

The first step towards an organised wardrobe is likely to have a clean out, get rid of anything you haven’t worn in over a year, especially clothes that don’t fit anymore. This link may be helpful https://konmari.com/what-is-konmari-method/. This will leave you with the items that you want to store and help you to figure out the best type of wardrobe storage for your needs. 

How do I work out what type of storage you need the most of? Organising your items into similar groups, review and then see which one has the biggest pile. Doing this exercise will help you to work out whether the focus is drawers or shelves and do you need the most space for folded jerseys and jeans. If you find you have lots of items like dresses or jackets that need hanging or whether you need more drawers for smaller items, this exercise will be very instructional. 

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Space is limited, so maximise its use to fullest, with some tricks from the experts. Andrea Rapke, a professional organiser, offers on 101 Home Organising Tips and Tricks “If you have the space to hang everything, hang everything. You’ll wear more if you can see it.” For many of us space can be a premium in most wardrobe spaces. Another industry expert tip for more hanging storage is to combine a long and a short hanging rod, for long jackets and dresses. Or another great use of space is to utilise double, short hanging rods, to enable shirts and other shorter items to be hung on the top and bottom rod.

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Ultimately, if you can accommodate, a bespoke custom-made wardrobe organiser is the best way to get a storage solution that suits your requirements. Its horses for courses and not one size fits all, not everyone will have the space, budget or same wants and needs. HomePlus, is the perfect option for anyone who wants to do this, as each of our wardrobe organiser range, from ventilated wire through to melamine ClosetPro can be custom made to every customer’s requirement. We have been designing, making and installing wardrobe organisers for decades and can leverage this experience across our 25 nationwide stores.

Speak to an expect at your nearest HomePlus store, who can design your ideal wardrobe solution and who can make your storage dreams reality!  

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