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How to use louvres in architecture

9 October 2020 by Steve Huish

Good architecture makes the most of the environment. Is your new build making the most of sunlight and shade?

The best architecture in the world is a part of the environment, both functionally and aesthetically, buildings and their environment should work together and complement each other. A lot of that environment can be designed as well; from landscaping to the planting of trees. However, there is one element that the designer cannot directly manipulate and MUST adjust to; sunlight.

louvres shading entry to homeDeciduous trees were once planted strategically to help block the hot sun in summer and, once the leaves had fallen off, let light through in the cooler months. Fast forward to the present day and there is an increasing amount of high-density housing in towns and cities that are focused on the utilisation of public transport and public spaces. The traditional quarter-acre block is decreasing in commonality and with it the ability to plant big shady deciduous trees.

Designers are having to turn to architectural technology to make the most of sunlight and shade. After all, letting the right amount of light through has a massive impact on the energy efficiency and comfort of a home.

This is where the HomePlus Louvrelite System comes in to create the balance of natural light and temperature. Installed by HomePlus specialists with the guidance of specific sun charts that take the solar aspect and seasons into account, allows louvres to be set up at the ideal angle to let light through. In the hot summer months when the sun is high in the sky, the louvres will shade your windows. In the cooler months when the sun is lower in the sky, the angle of the louvres means that light can stream through into the rooms of your home, keeping things warmer inside.

Providing shade isn’t the only benefit to the Louvrelite system as they also help provide privacy, and shelter from the wind & rain, and add creative depth to the architecture of the building.
view of hidden louvre angle adjustments

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